Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 18, 2013

 Hello Everyone! I'm still here at the MTC and still learning a whole lot! I had an amazing experience last Wednesday night as i knelt in prayer with my companions to begin a fast for our half Cambodian Elder, Elder Nhem. He was going in for a colonoscopy on friday because he was having some serious pains. As I knelt in prayer and poured out the desires of my heart to the Lord I felt closer to God than almost any time i've ever prayed. The spirit was strong as we knelt on behalf of our Friend and Brother. My testimony that the Lord listens to prayer was strengthened immensely. We need to speak with the Lord when we pray. Account to him each night about our day and the successes and failures we had and the things we hope to do better. Developing a true relationship with God is vital. And after the Colonoscopy Elder Nhem was told he only had Irritable Bowel Syndrome so he's okay! 
  We learned in class from our Lokruu about the difference between obedience and righteousness. An obedient servant may be obedient for the wrong reasons, like fear or because they don't want to dissapoint their leaders. A righteous servant is one who is obedient because they love the lord. To live the rules and commandments is who they are. They strive always to align their will with the Lord's. I hope to be that kind of servant. 
  On Sunday I was called on to talk in Sacrament meeting about the Book of Mormon and I knew beforehand that it was going to be me just because my heart was thumping like a drum haha. At the Sunday night Devotional we had the privilege to hear from the BYU mens Chorus! It was incredible. After every two songs one of them got up and bore their testimony and their conversion story. I loved it! Then the Thailand District left on Monday Morning And we were all really sad because we had grown really close. But we're really excited for them to go and preach the word and it gets us all excited to get out too!! 
  Monday we taught Robert about Prophets and invited him to church and he said he would go!! Wohoo! We met with Adam after dinner and taught him about prayer and how to receive answers and then Elder Gardiner demonstrated how to pray. After he prayed Adam prayed. He gave such a humble and beautiful prayer where he said he doesn't know how to do this or receive answers but he wants to know if this church is true, if the book of mormon is truew, if Jospeh Smith saw Gof and was a Prophet. I almost wanted to cry i was so happy. 
  Last night we had a devotional from Ronald A. Rasband and his wife Melanie Rasband. Sister Rasband told a story about a missionary serving in New York who wanted to get a shoe shine before he left his mission but he never got to serve in Manhattan. In his last area in the Bronx he heard a man sayin "shoe shine, Shoe Shine." So he went around the corner and asked "how much?" The man said, "as much as you're willing to pay." It was then that the missionary realized what this man was wearing. The man bent down and put his fingers into a baby food jar full of gooey black shoe shine. He slowly worked the Icky black muck over this Elder's shoes first with his fingers. Then with his hands. he then buffs it with his forearm. He then takes a part of his shirt that wasn't already blackened with the tar and finishes the shoes. The Missionary then takes all that he had and all his companion had and paid the humble man. This man is a perfect example of Jesus. Jesus took all the grime and muck of our sins and burdens so that we don't have to. And he shines our souls. The only thing he asks is as much as we're willing to pay. 
  The last thing i wanna say is that i Know the Lord supports me. He has helped me through the rough times I've had and He continually shows His love for me. I truly feel it. I feel of God's love for all of His children. He knows each of you personally, He knows your struggles, your pains, your sorrows, your sins. Jesus Christ came to take that all away. He already suffered the pains of death and all manner of grief for your sins. And if you were the only person on Earth, He would have still come down and Died for you. He asks only we give as much as we're willing to pay. A broken heart. A Contrite Spirit. And that we follow him and his example. I love all of you eternally. 
            -Elder Lyle Rogers Brewer

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