Monday, June 9, 2014

I Believe in Miracles

Chumriabsua my brothers and sisters,
  This week was long and full of progress! To start it off, last Monday I went to Phnom Sompouv (or in English, Ship Hill). It was gorgeous! See pictures below. It included lots of beautiful stairs and Wats and also a fantastic cave. It has a dark story unfortunately... During the Khmer Rouge they took their prisoners and pushed them from the top of the cave to their death. It was barbaric. These people have such a terribly sad history and their current condition is still full of suffering. I know only the gospel can help these people. And thus I feel obligated to work and to love and to serve and to save all the souls I can, empowered by the Savior and the Holy Spirit which guides me every day.
  A miracle happened Monday. The night before, I dreamed that our investigator's husband came back and I was able to teach them as a family. He had run away 3 days earlier and the wife was exceedingly distraught. Monday night he came back and we were able to teach the whole family about prayer and love and how the gospel blesses families. Throughout the week we saw immense changes in the way this husband and wife acted towards each other as they began to pray and read as a family and individually. They accepted a date to prepare for baptism and follow Christ all their lives. I know that it is the power of the Savior Jesus Christ that has helped this family start on a path to salvation and happiness. I couldn't be happier to be a part of this process. How blessed am I as a missionary to see lives change, people repent, and souls come unto Christ. 
  One of our investigators, Phareth, got contacted by the Jehovah's Witnesses from the "Korean Church" as they call it here. He asked us about some of their teachings and we responded that we couldn't tell him anything. We just encouraged him to pray more fervently and not only believe on our words or the words of someone else, but to find out for himself through prayer and study and by the power of the Holy Ghost. I believe this was actually a blessing in Phareth's life because he was struggling with developing real faith. He only took everything we said for 100% truth and never tried to find out for himself. I hope he listens to the promptings of the spirit and find the truth out for himself. 
  This week we also continued teaching Lun, who is the husband of a member family and whose extended family on his wife's side are all members. Strong members I might add. Lun was a referral from his wife and he is progressing like wildfire. Every time we meet he shares how excited he is to learn and to follow Jesus. This is a stark contrast to his attitude towards us when we first met. He told us this week that when we showed up he had only hatred for us, but after 3 lessons and the powerful prayers of all his family members, especially his wife, he is now more than excited to learn from us. He had to use a word I had never heard before to describe his feelings. The word is ព្រឺ Pruu, which means to tremble with excitement. I am so excited for him. 
  My final story is about an investigator named Viccika. When we met him on Saturday he told us that he got an answer to prayer. He said he prayed that Heavenly Father would help him learn English. Then when went to class that day he understood all the words he was having trouble with, he could write better, he could listen better, and he could even translate better. He shared this sacred experience with us and told us he knew that this church is true and Heavenly Father answers prayers. I was just filled with awe. The Lord is mindfull of all his children's need and the Gifts of the Spirit are real. I know every day that I am being blessed with the gift of tongues to speak this language. I love the Cambodian people, I love all of you, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.
  -Elder Lyle R. Brewer

 The sleeping Buddha and me

me wrangling a dragon!

 I'll punch that Tiger in the Face!!

A monkey and his mommy

The big buddha and me

The place of death, they fell from above, pushed by the barbarians

A painting of the Khmer Rouge pushing people into the cave

A look into the cave

Me next to the bones and the buddha in the cave

I'm a pirate for our English class special activities night!! 

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