Monday, August 18, 2014


   Well how is life ya'll? Mine is going great! A little news on the weather here. Its hot!! Last week it rained like crazy and the river rose almost to the top of the bridge! Then it stopped and the water fell like 20 feet in less than a week. Its very hot. 
  In other news my recent convert Heng is on fire. We taught him about the temple and he told us that when he was a member of another church he read in the New Testament about how the gospel was preached to the dead and his pastor told him that was false. But he didn't believe his pastor, he studied it out in his mind and received a witness that when Christ died he went to teach the gospel to the dead. He knew this before we even said anything about it! He also comes and helps us teach when he's not taking care of his 12 baby piglets. He's super buff. 
  Tuesday we had the Assistants to the president here on exchange with us. We had Elder Som with us and he is a great missionary! We had a great day where we found some less active members and visited with them as well as teaching our investigator Dolla. Oh and to update about Sombat! He's doing so well! He tried to do a fast the other day but didn't drink any water before he started so he got dizzy and quit. But he was fasting so that he could stop smoking. And then he just quit smoking! He hasn't smoked in 5 days now! This is the same guy who 2 weeks ago was smoking 2 boxes a day! He's got an amazing testimony. He truly loves the savior and feels so indebted to Him. He always shares a powerful testimony when we meet him. The Friday night he thought we were coming over but we had scheduled him for Saturday night so he waited up until 8:30 reading and re-reading the verses we assigned him, refusing to eat until we came. We heard about it from his mom the next day and we were heart-broken! But he still was pumped to learn the next day! 
  I had some amazing study this week. I studied 2 Nephi chapter 26. Christ does everything for the benefit of man. He rejects none, but accepts all who will come. He invites all to come and partake. He hath given salvation free for all men. None are forbidden. I also listened to Jeffrey R. Hollands talk from October 2012 conference. He speaks of Peter and his exchange with Jesus on the Shores of Galilee after his resurrection. Please review this talk. It is so powerful. I love you all and I hope you Love God!
Elder L. Rogers Brewer

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