Monday, March 30, 2015

Two Week Update


Elder Brewer is sorry for the late update. He didn't have any time to write a full e-mail due to bad planning and a lot of random things that popped up. (That happens a lot believe it or not). 

This last week we were preparing for transfers every day and the 15 new missionaries who came in and then trying to make all that go smoothly. So from last week on Sunday we organized a bit of service for the week to go help translate for the Operation Smile to help fix cleft lips at the Cambodian Russian Friendship Hospital. On Monday I met a girl there from Connecticut named Brin who asked why we were called "Elder." So I told her there was a long story and a short story. She said she would like to hear the long one. At this point my companion and I were only translating for the presentations to the kids about health and safety. We had some down time so we went though the entire restoration lesson and the Book of Mormon. She was very interested and expressed a desire to read the Book of Mormon, I told her i could get one to her the next day when i will be translating here again. That night I was really sick and unable to go to assist in translating and tried to send it through someone else but they couldn't find Brin. So that night I wrote my testimony in the book and highlighted some favorite scriptures. Tuesday I was sick in bed all day from what I assume was food poisoning, I had a burger again. So ever since I had a bad burger here two months ago I haven't been able to eat ground beef without getting sick to my stomach and have other stomach problems.... So even if its okay ground beef that everyone else can eat I still get sick. I'm done with beef in Cambodia. (Maybe forever who knows). 

Wednesday we did an exchange in Tuk Thlaa and were unable to go visit the Hospital. The Mission was said to be over on Friday unless there were no more patients, in which case they would be done on Thursday. So I hoped to be able to drop by and give it to her on Thursday. The Exchange in Tuk Thlaa was fun and i got to work with two great missionaries and help the out in their work. The Elder there was a district leader and the sisters in his ward had 5 investigators to be interviewed for baptism. Five people! One of them wanted me to baptize them but being in a different area I had to decline. (They don't even know me anyway!) So the other Elder was able to do it this Sunday instead. 

Thursday President Moon called Elder Lao and I into his office to discuss transfers. We got to see all his thoughts going into who goes where and he even asked our opinions on said transfers! Were able to tell him what we thought would be good and who would do well with who based on our experience with each of these missionaries during our exchanges and other encounters with them. It was a very fun experience. He also told us who the new AP will be! Since Elder Lao has been Assistant for 3 transfers he helps me train the new Assistant for a week and then he leaves. So the new Assistant (and my new companion) is.... Elder Eppley!!! My MTC companion!! Man I am so pumped! He and I are great pals and we've been having so much fun! So Elder Gardiner (also in my MTC group) Elder Eppley and I are all serving in the same ward at the same time. Its super sweet. When we finished that we had some projects to work on for transfers and then decided to drive over to the Hospital to see if we could give the Book of Mormon to Brin. We drove the distance and climbed the Hospital stairs and... she wasn't there. But the project coordinator was there so we asked her to deliver it for us. She said she would. I thought, well I guess i'll never see her again. Hopefully she'll read that book and love it and find the Connecticut missionaries!

Friday we went on another Exchange, I got to go back to my old area of Kean Svay! Wow I missed those members. They are so kind and loving. I was able to be a tool in the Lord's hands again to help those people. I was able to meet and or talk with four of the five people I baptized and encourage and uplift them to be what the Lord wants them to be and to strive to be exactly obedient to the commandments He has given them. It was so sweet. One family, Chantra, Ravy, and Chiva cried when they saw me and were so happy that I came back. I miss them a lot. I pray for them daily, they are a piece of my family. 

Saturday we had to bring Elder Eppley and his companion in from Kampong Cham. We also had some assignments and problems to complete and fix. A return missionary who served in Cambodia came back with his dad to start a dairy here in Cambodia. Its a long process but he seems pretty committed and he's planned it out well. I wrote a couple people back last week but then I suddenly had to go in the middle of it so I didn't write a long email to ya'll. Elder Eppley is from Texas. We also were taken to a dinner by the senior couple in the office, The Hollenzers. They took us to this awesome Boston Pizza & Bistro. It was amazing food! Like straight from America! While there we saw the return missionary with the dairy project again and another person walked in as well. It was some people from Operation Smile and Brin! I didn't get a chance to do anything other than say hello as she walked in and as I left but it was nice to see them again. 

Stay tuned I'll send this week in just a minute! 

Love, Elder brewer

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