Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's getting real

Hello Family and other loved ones,

I appreciate you reading these each week. Its quite something to endure. With the length of what I usually write I imagine there aren't many who actually go through the whole email. But i'll include pictures for those who like to skim to the bottom (; hahah

This week began with a good Monday evening where Elder Smith and I went and visited a contact we made a week ago and taught them about God and His plan and how to pray. I love showing people who God is. Most people here have no concept of God the way I know Him. What a blessing it is to help His children learn of Him and learn how to enter into His rest. I feel like Ammon before king Lamoni.

Me: "Do you believe in God?" Them: "I do not know what that meaneth. God is my earthly father and mother.." Me: "Do you believe we have a spirit?" Them: "yes, I believe we have a spirit." Me: "God is the father of our spirits. He has all power and all wisdom and is the creator of all things. He listen to us when we seek Him in humble prayer and grants us blessings according to our desires and needs if we exercise faith in Him." Them: "What do I do in order to pray to Him?" Me: "You must humble yourself before god and have faith in His son Jesus Christ and you must call on him and speak the thoughts and intents of your heart and ask for whatsoever thing you stand in need of in the name of Jesus Christ." 

That's basically how every lessons goes. So this week we were able to do that a whole lot because we got 11 new investigators. A recent convert in Prey Cho referred us to two families. That was way fun! Tuesday we visited the people of Kampong Jam for the last time and then Wednesday morning we took a cab to Prey Cho and started proselyting there. When we showed up to our house we found that two mice had crawled into our mop bowl and died. It was pretty gross. Its been a pretty mellow week other than that. 

Church was a great uplifting experience. For our opening hymn we sung "Did you think to pray" and the spirit was very strong. I was asked to talk again and so I spoke to the importance of recognizing the spirit in our lives and receiving personal revelation. I talked about how important it is to have a testimony and to seek out personal revelation in order for us to stay firm in the gospel and to build our foundation on the savior Jesus Christ. Why did the pioneers endure the over a thousand mile trek to the Salt Lake Valley? Why did they not give up when their enemies were burning down their houses and their temple? Why did they keep pushing forward when they had to bury the Salt Lake City Temple foundation that they had been working on for years when the US army came to check on them? Why? Because they had some dreams, and they had some visions. Because they heard the voice of the Lord from time to time and recognized His spirit. Because they had personal revelation to sustain them. We all need that every day. We cannot stand up against the mighty whirlwinds and fiery darts of the adversary if we are not built upon a sure foundation, which foundation is Christ the Lord! We need personal revelation the way that Moses did when the army of Pharaoh was on their tail and the had nothing but a lot of water in front of them. Moses needed revelation and he got it. You and I face similar trials in our lives where we feel like we are between a rock and a hard place. We need personal revelation so that we will know what to do and what to say and where to go. We need to cultivate that spirit of revelation in our lives and learn to recognize it. We do this by daily feasting upon the words of Christ in the scriptures and through His holy prophets past and present. We need to seek Him in fervent prayer each day on our knees asking for guidance and seeking His presence. We need to be humble and make time to listen to the soft impressions of the spirit so that when that trial does come, and we are standing before the red sea with a lot of angry Egyptians at our backs, we can recognize that prompting from the spirit that tells us to move forward and go through the sea. God speaks to us. Make time to listen. Learn how to hear His voice. This is His church. He leads it through His prophet Thomas S. Monson. Jesus Lives. In the name of the savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Lyle R. Brewer

an old silver coin issued by the french government while it ruled over Cambodia. The member who owns it said it's worth $25 dollars.

Another old coin they used in Cambodia issued by the french

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