Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfer 16. Week 2.

Note from MOM: We are so excited to see Lyle again!!! He will be arriving home on Dec. 5th after a 31 hour trip. I hope he will be recovered by Sunday night the 6th, because we will be hosting an open house for him at our home from 6:30-8:30. I am sure he would love to see you. Please let me know if you will be attending. Thanks bunches for your love and prayers for him these last two years, keep them coming until he arrives home. He will only be here thru the first few days of January then he goes to BYU. 
Much love and appreciation, 
Tami and Roger Brewer
Dear ones,

It was a great week in Cambodia.

We met with some really cool investigators this week. We met with Sophal on Tuesday and she is doing great! She has some great faith and really loves Jesus Christ. She agreed to be baptized on the 6th of December! We worked closely with Om Jun and Daly to prepare them for baptismal dates but they both skipped church. It rained quite a bit this week. They say the rainy season is ending and the cold season is starting but its just raining more now and getting hotter every day. I also got to do an exchange with Elder Paramore in Kampong Jam on Friday. It rained insanely hard all day. Since he took over my area when I left Kampong Jam to go to Prey Cho we got to meet some of my investigators and they are doing great! We had an amazing lesson with a girl named Jenda whom Elder Smith and I started teaching. When I was there we only taught her how to pray and set a return appointment, so when Elder Paramore and I went we taught the message of the restoration. It was a perfect lesson. She asked perfect questions that led right into the next point and she was so interested to know which church was true, which mode of baptism was right, who restored the church after the apostasy. It was fun to walk her through it all! ThenSaturday morning we continued the exchange (since we started it on Friday afternoon) and we went contacting. We got 4 return appointments and when we tried to find somewhere for lunch we stopped at this little side shop that looked like it sold. They invited us in but no customers were there. When I asked if they sold rice they said they only sell breakfast food. But then she started asking questions about us Jesus and seemed really interested! Her dad walked in (this older man of maybe 60+) and said "hey can I join Christianity?" We said of coarse! But he was just messing with us. We ended up sitting down and having a long conversation with him about religion. He had some very interesting views. I've gotten very bold I've noticed. Being a missionary holds with it some power in the calling. I make every statement with boldness and power that I know comes from the truth of my message and the power of God. I leave no room for doubt that I believe what I teach. Well as we sat the lady gave us a soda which we accepted gratefully and we sat there so long that she actually made lunch and brought us a plate! It was way delicious! Then we we finished lunch she sat down and asked some more questions and we gave her a book of mormon and taught her some great principles and invited her to church. It was quite a meeting. All because we were hungry! 

Sunday we went around inviting people to church and then we had 26 people at church! Last week it was 14 so that was a huge jump! My goal is to get 30 before I leave this area. Its a small struggling group but the members that are active are very strong, their faith having been tried time and time again. One of my favorite members ever is Pu Dy. He is the group leader out here and is just the best guy. He and his family have been members for something like 7 years and before that he was a high ranking monk for 30 years!! I'm really gonna miss him when I have to go. 

This is the best Journey I've ever been on. I love every second. I love my Savior. This is His church! I hope you all may reflect on your testimonies and ask again in humble prayer for Heavenly Father to confirm the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. Doubt not fear not. I love you all, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

Pictures are of me helping a member grind rice into liquid she will use to make treats that she sells. Way good!!!

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