Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Two years already. Now it's Bonus.

Dear Family,

I had a great week! Tuesday we met with Ming Sophal in the morning and she told us how she has been receiving a plethora of blessings since she has put her faith in the Lord. Every night she goes to Prey Totung market and buys watermelons to sell in the morning and she prays that the Lord will help her sell all of them. Then every morning she sells every last watermelon at the Prey Cho Market. If she buys 150 she sells 150, if she buys 200 she sells 200. And while we are at her house teaching people come asking if she has watermelons at her house after she sold them all! They really like their watermelons and the Lord is truly blessing her to sell. She had an accident this Saturday evening bringing her watermelons home and a car came to close so she had to cut to the side and fell over. She hurt her back and lost all her watermelons but she still came to church with a smile the next day! I feel like no one can skip the trials of life but only some can persevere like she does. She is preparing herself for baptism on the 6th of December! I'm very excited for her. 

Om Jun, our investigator who has successfully quit drinking after a very long time, is getting baptized next week! So this week he helped us go teach and find new families in his village! On Wednesday he walked with us to a couple families he said wanted to learn and we taught them. Then on Saturday he walked around the whole village with us and invited everyone he knew to listen to our message! He just opened his mouth and spared not! At one point he took us to a little shop that sells vegetables and stuff for the village and he told everyone there to listen to us. There were twenty or so people there and I just started preaching! I felt like Alma from the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! Om Jun is a way awesome guy and is wildly funny.

We met with an investigator that I like to call an extended contact. We saw him many times and he knew our names but we had not ever been able to meet him for very long. We finally were able to sit down with him this week (on some rocks because he had no chairs) and teach him how to pray and how to quit smoking. He was very excited about the way we taught him to quit smoking because in our earlier meetings he had intimated that it was impossible to quit. I told him that the actual was quite the contrary! He committed to try it out and stop smoking little by little. He's got some good faith in only our words alone!

Ming Srey is a member that was not going to church when I got to the area and felt very confused and not very happy and thus felt like she did not want to go to church. Well she has been coming to church now for 4 weeks and is very happy! We gave her a picture of Jesus Christ and told her how proud He was of her and her progress. She was very happy to tell us how much different her life was since she began to go back to church. She felt happy again and not so worried about things she cannot control. Her faith is in the Lord and she is happily enduring now. Its wonderful to see my efforts come to fruition. With the Lord, my companion, and me, we can do pretty much anything.

Sarith is a man we met as we were riding to an appointment. He hollered at us in English saying "hello! How are you?" We promptly turned around and began talking to him about our message of Family Happiness and being cleansed from sin. He accepted a return appointment and when we went back he was excited to listen to us! We shared with him about the nature of God our loving Heavenly Father and about how He calls prophets to teach His children the way they should live. We spoke of the purpose and life of Jesus Christ and what we need to do to follow him. We introduced the Book of Mormon and taught him the way he can know for himself if it is true. He was very receptive and open to our message and committed to read and pray. He said he really wants top know for himself if it is true! The unfortunate part of the story is that he will be moving far away this week. The good part is that it is still within reach of the missionaries  in Kampong Cham! I feel like he is a great man with great potential!

Ael Jan Than is a great older lady we stumbled upon while contacting. She said she wont go anywhere but that she wanted to listen to our message. We said we would come back. Another day we came by and taught her neighbor the message of the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. Then we went to follow up on Ael Jan Than and as we sat and talked with her under her house the neighbor man comes over carrying the Book of Mormon we just gave him and told us he couldn't read it because the font was too small. So Ael Jan Than asked to see it and started looking at the pictures in the front. She asked me to explain them for her. As I explained the spirit testified to her and to me that what I said was true. The Book of Mormon is a second witness of Christ's divinity from another people in a far away land who had no communication with the Jews in Jerusalem. The book is of divine origin and was translated by the gift and power of God. When I asked her to read and pray she said she knew it was true from what I said. She recognized me as a servant of Christ and told me that she knew I wouldn't come all the way to her country in this small village from America just to lie to her. She also complained that the font was too small so we are going to go back and give her a big font copy of the Book of Mormon and she committed to read and pray. 

Ponlok hasn't met with us in a while but last night he met with us and told us how he really wished he could have met with us sooner but he has been so busy! He was excited to tell us that he had been reading in the Book of Mormon and felt that God was answering his prayers. We read with him the testimony of the three and eight witnesses found at the beginning of the book and he said the book must be true if these men would testify in that way. I feel like he is going to be an amazing member.

Well as the title suggests, I am past my two year mark as a missionary. November 20th 2013 to November 20th 2015. Now I'm just serving a little overtime to reap those last few souls that I can! 

I love you all and I know that Jesus love you too. He is our savior and He lives. May you strive to be more like Him as I do likewise.

-Elder Lyle R. Brewer

Our Landlord's cat caught the mouse in our house for us.

Great Cambodian sunsets

caught a baby tokai

visited Phnom Bro (Boy Hill)

fed some monkeys

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