Monday, November 25, 2013

I got the first letter! heehee

I received a letter from Lyle today in the mail! I wanted to share some things he wrote about his first few days in the MTC!

"My first day was crazy! I had no idea what to expect and I didn't know what my lokruu (teacher) was saying like 90% of the time. But it was still awesome! I was smiling like crazy the whole time! The food is not very impressive most of the time but some of it is pretty good though...I'm definitely set apart from the world! There are just the 5 of us Cambo Elders and one Cambo sister! We are all really close already and I think we should be good while we're here cuz we're all really chill guys so that's a plus! I have 2 companions and I'm the senior comp right now because I have the closest name to A in the alphabet haha. We get along well and the language is hard but I notice the gift of tongues already!"

And then he told me some stuff in Khmer or whatever, Google translate can't even translate it for me so I don't even know what it says! But it was really great to hear from him! It sounds like he is just loving it, and that's good!

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