Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 22, 2014 One Week Left in the MTC!

Hey friends and Family!
  I had the opportunity to do a couple really cool things this week! One of our acting investigators got baptized which was really cool even though he's really just our teacher. It still is incredible because the spirit still testifies and works! Since our district leader got a baptism too, the Zone leader had to conduct the baptismal interview. Since our Zone leader right now is an elder learning Cantonese I got to translate! It was incredible to see how much the lord has blessed me with the gift of tongues since I've been here. I can only imagine as I work harder I will become greater. The Elders and Sisters who all came in with me on November 20th are all leaving next Tuesday so in sacrament meeting we sung "God be with you till we meet again" all in our respective languages each verse and then in English for the last verse. It was powerful.
  This Week has been wonderful and humbling. The main theme of this week for me was love and humility. The moment i realize my inadequacies in the language and teaching, the better instrument i can be in the Lord's hands to help his children. I noticed as I went back through my journal that every day I received a little revelation which i wrote down about humility and loving the people. What was incredible was that yesterday everything I learned for myself was reinforced in all that i was taught during the day and at the Devotional with the first councilor in the Presiding Bishopric, Gerald Causse. That Devotional wrapped it all into one for me. He asked us if we have thought about the time when we will meet the Savior. The anticipation of this moment should shape our decisions every day. The most important part of this preparation is acquiring a testimony of Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and His love for you. Then strengthening this testimony and sharing it. Many things we do are because we desire love. One of the greatest motivating principles and keys to conversion is the love of God. It is the most powerful and incredible feeling in the whole world to feel the Lord's love for you. When we feel this love we desire to share it and proclaim it with the world. Alma words it perfectly in chapter 5 when he says, If ye have experienced a change of heart and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask you, have ye felt to do so now? How can we become more like the savior? How can we learn to love his children like he does? We see people with the eyes of Christ. We see them as God's Children. Not as they are, but as they can become. To love is a gift we receive from God. The only way we can develop this love for others like the savior is to experience it ourselves! Repentance is a beautiful thing. It is for all men on earth whether they are worthy temple recommend holders or not. It is for every man and woman who is not yet perfect. Repentance is recognizing your imperfections and weaknesses and calling on the Lord in your humility for strength. Depending on him for strength. Like the Apostle Paul, "When I am weak, then I am strong." When we humble ourselves and repent, and call on the name of the Lord daily for strength, then He he will show forth his love for us. Then we may experience this change of heart and This overwhelming love from God. Then we will have no other desire than to share this love with others. We will then have the power to share it with others. We will be able to say: This I didn't do by myself, HE did It for me, I was HIS instrument. This experiences we will remember and will strengthen our faith. They will only come when we are humble and depending on the Lord. 
  I have been called as a witness of Jesus Christ. As such I testify that I have experienced this love of which I have spoken. I know God loves me. I know he loves each of you too. If you will ask Him, He will let you feel it too. The Atonement is central to everything in this gospel. I exhort you to exercise its power in your life every day. Jesus Lives. He loves you. He suffered for all you have experienced or ever will experience. Lean on him. Call on him. He is like the person who is paying for your music lessons. Regardless of whether or not you practice, show up late, make big mistakes, or don't go at all, He has already paid for all your lessons. It is up to you to become the best musician you can be. He has enabled you, you need to act. 
  I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and redeemer, Amen.
                                                                 - Elder Lyle Brewer

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