Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 3...and some other cool stuff!

Hey there everyone!
  This week we made a lot of progress in some ways and very little in others. We had a district meeting which consisted of the 4 Elders in our house and then went to Ming Tii's house and she fed us a really good lunch!! Then after I ate my nose started bleeding and Ming Tii said it was because I ate too much. So she took some water and slapped it on my forehead while I stood there holding my nose. I felt very silly. My nose stopped bleeding, but I'm not sure if that was because I was pinching it or because she was slapping my forehead with water. After that we went to Odom and Janat's place and taught them. They're progressing really well! We taught them about The word of Wisdom and Chastity this week also. Janat drinks with his friends at work sometimes but he said he would stop because he wants to follow God's commandments. So they're on track to get baptized this coming Sunday! Jantra and his Family haven't progressed very much in the last couple days because Ravii the wife got really sick on Saturday. We explained about the priesthood and how we could offer a blessing but they said not right now. They didn't come to church either and when we visited them Sunday evening they had taken her to the doctor. So we're pretty bummed about that. But on the bright side the son Chiva came with us to our lesson with Odom and Janat on Saturday and on the way back he was asking me when he can get baptized because he wants to follow Jesus for the rest of his life. He's 13 and he's got such a good heart! I'll Included a picture in this email of him. Last P-day I bought a new watch at the "Psaa Thmei" which means new market, but it died before I got home. Its a fake G-shock I got for 6 bucks. I'm gonna see if I can get a new battery for it today because the watch I have is simulated Leather and its starting to smell in this humid climate. yuck. 
  Wednesday we visited a woman that had finished all the post-baptism missionary lessons but she hadn't been to church in a little while. We committed her to go to church and she showed up! I was stoked! Also two of our other recent converts who hadn't been to church in a while came this week also! Good week for that. A couple of our investigators haven't come to church in two weeks and aren't progressing but we're hoping to have more success this week! We went over to Tone's house and he has this massive Mango Orchard which we walked around. I guess my companion was trying to find someway to help but we didn't end up doing anything besides walking. Also while we were deep in the Orchard I guess I stood on a Mango ant colony because they all climbed up my body and attacked me. I didn't notice until I got bit on the neck by one. I quickly tried to flick it off but it stuck to my hand. They are very stick little ants! I frantically started brushing them off while all the orchard workers just laughed at me. I finally got them all off with the help of my companion. I found out later that I was lucky they only bit me because they said it really hurts when they pee on it after they bite you. Then afterwards we taught English class at the church about the body parts! and then related it to the word of wisdom. We did the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song/Dance and also did the Hokey Pokey. They thought it was Hilarious. 
  Friday we taught Tone again reviewing lesson 2 and his brother came and joined the lesson and was really interested! So we invited him to continue to learn with us and now we have another investigator! Then yesterday we taught Tone and reviewed the third lesson and we taught it to his brother Roong also and then afterwards I felt inspired to invite him to be baptized so I followed the impression and he said he would! He said he had already been baptized but if he could be baptized again he would! It was awesome! The Lord truly helps when you listen to the promptings of the spirit. 
  For valentines day there was nothing special going on in our town. I guess In other places they celebrate but our area ignored it pretty well. haha. But I did make a char all by myself and Elder Hang taught me how to make rice properly. It was really good! Pretty soon I'll be a master Cambo chef! haha. Then another delicious treat we had was at one of our recent convert's house. She washed, cut open, and boiled some bananas and served them with what I think was milk concentrate or half and half.... I'm not entirely sure but it was really fantastic!! I ate like 4 Bananas! They are fairly small though so it wasn't that much. But man it was good.
  One of the Elders in our district decided he wanted to teach Piano to some kids here so they would have some people to play in sacrament instead of the Elders doing it all the time. So he has 4 people he is teaching, 3 all at the same time. Then on Sunday another boy told me he wanted to learn so I guess I'm teaching piano too! It will be interesting... I don't know if Khmer has different musical terms but I guess I'll just teach the English ones I'm familiar with!  All in all a great week! I'm having a wonderful time here in the Kingdom of Cambodia and I'm learning so much! turns out if you don't like a food you say you don't know how to eat it. If you like it you tell them you know how! Everyone is a taxi here if they wanna be. People just "dope" on the back of peoples bikes and pay them when they jump off. It's a great world and this is a great work. I know Heavenly Father is supporting me and I can see his hand helping me in this work and with this language. I'm gradually understanding more and more of what people say. It gets really hard when the use slang and drop the "r" sound in half their words but I'm picking up on how to understand that too! I love Serving out here in Cambodia and I love these people! This really is Christ's Church restored on the earth today. We truly have a living prophet who receives revelation from God and guides us. I know Christ lives. I know the Book of Mormon is His word. I know God doesn't give a commandment which we cannot follow and if you try he will support you. I love you all and I hope these words find you healthy and happy! 
                      Elder Lyle Brewer

 English class

 My shoes when I shine them and after one day

 The Boy Chiva!

One little boy who climbed a tree at the church to grab some fruit

 The lunch ming Tii made us

 Elder Hang feeding a dog some bones

 The Mango Orchard

My char I made

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