Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 2 in the Cambu!

Hey everyone!! 
  So This week was a blast!! We got 5 new investigators and we may have a sixth this week!! All five are referrals from the guy in the Branch that has 9 sons. One of his older sons and his nephew are the first two and then another nephew and his wife and son are the other 3. We started teaching them all on TuesdayWednesday was my birthday and I didn't really do much out of the ordinary! I did Buy some dragon fruit and another thing they call milk fruit which is amazing! Then later I got some tuk skaw which is sugar water. They take sugar cane and put it through this machine that grinds it and squeezes the juice out of it then they put it in a bag and give you a straw. Its sooo delicious!! I wanna drink it all the time. Then we went to Tone's house and he gave us a big coconut and cut off the top and we drank them! It was fantastic! So many delicious foods here. Then that night we taught English class at the church. For some reason it was the funniest thing to me. They tried to say cured and kept saying kshued. And then we read a story about a king who was unhappy and Elder Meyers asked them if they understood it and Of course no one did. 
  So Thursday was pretty fun also. We had weekly planing in the morning and we got all our plans made. It was very long. haha. After planing we made chaa mnoa, which is grilled pineapple and steak in a char. Man that was probably the best meal I've had since I left home. I'm gonna have to bring that one with me. It's seriously amazing. We went and taught Odom and Janat who are the nephew and son of the guy with 9 sons Jantaa. We taught them the whole first lesson and invited them to read the book of Mormon and pray to know if its true. They accepted and the spirit was really strong! I know the lord is preparing people to receive this message. The field truly is white already to harvest. On the way from Jantaa's house to the church to practice the song we were singing in Branch conference this week I swallowed a bug while riding my bike. It was pretty funny actually. I just laughed at myself cuz It was so silly. Everyone is always burning stuff here. They just burn their trash and other stuff for their ancestors I guess. I don't know but something is always on fire. On Thursday I saw a lady trying to put a fire out that got out of control and probably would have burned down her house. I don't think there is a fire department here. There are loads of ambulances though! The mosquitoes here are evil. While I'm sitting here typing i got bit 3 times on one hand by a rouge one roaming the internet cafe. Nasty little buggers. My OFF bug spray is gold. They don't sell the one I have in Cambodia. I think I saw a different kind at the store last p-day but I don't know how good it is. The little kids here always shout Hello at me when I ride by. It's a bad day when I don't get shouted Hello at by these little kids on at least 12 different occasions.. They are so Adorable! They think I'm a Barang usually, Which means french man. But they still say Hello in English. Hahah. One Guy I rode by started shouting french words at me and I just had to say "ot jeh piasaa barang!"which means I don't speak french. After choir we rode with all the young women back to their house cuz it was dark and we had to make sure they got home safely. We rode by a funeral. They are really loud and put the body in a casket on top of this big tower thing and shout stuff through a mega phone. This goes on for several days every night. The young women were trying to tell me if I went and joined them I'd see a ghost. I'm pretty sure there were messing around but you never know... Friday we had zone training so we went to Phnom Penh again and got some good training from the Zone Leaders. Then afterwards we went to a buffet that was 7 dollars a head and man it was good! My companion's cooking is better but they had a bunch of desserts and stuff too! Their desserts are not like ours. You get a bowl and put all these random sweet things in it and some tuk skaw (the sugar cane water) and some sweet noodle things. It's fantastic anyway. Their mangoes are really tart though. I'm not a fan. 
  We practiced the song again on Saturday cuz they really can't sing. After the practice some of the young women randomly told me that I was the prettiest Elder out of all of them. It was super random. My companion told me they like faces like mine. Thanks Mom and Dad! hahah. 
  Sunday was super awesome! We had Branch conference and the choir sang (you were right mom, I did have to sing in the Choir, just like you said) ""because I have been given much" of course it was in Khmer. It went pretty well! Then the District President got up and spoke about supporting each other in the church and how when we all come together we are stronger. Just like when you add the harmony to the melody the song becomes prettier. Then we went and taught Odom and Janat again and about a dozen other members came along with us cuz they love this family. We have no problem with getting members to teach with us. Its fantastic!! After we taught them about the Plan of Salvation (well the members taught most of it which was very cool) I invited them to be baptized. They both said yes without a skip of a heart and they have a baptismal date of February 23rd!! I know the Lord is supporting me and is preparing these people. I just got to keep up with all the progress being made here!! I know this church is true and I know heavenly father loves each and every one of you. The crowning part of the Savior's Ministry is One by One. He invites each of us to come, see and feel personally (3 Nephi 11:15-17, 3 Nephi 18:25). I pray that you will accept his invitation and feel of his infinite love for you. The love that fills you with such overwhelming joy that your joy exceeds your strength (Alma 27:17). Christ Lives. He suffered and died for you and each and every one of your sins and sorrows. He knows your better than you know yourself. He is My King, He is My Savior, and I will do His work as His representative. I love you all beyond the stars. 
-Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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This is English class, That's Elder Meyers

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