Monday, March 3, 2014

Little Miracles

Well hey there!
  Last P-day we taught Puu Jantha's family how to do Family Home
Evening and it went great! We had loads of people there. Jantha's
family is already huge and then on top of that we had tons of members
come including the branch president! We played that fun baby powder
game I was talking about last letter and I got absolutely caked. The
kids said I looked like a ghost. I think they were right. But you can
judge for yourself from the pictures! Oh by the way if anyone wants to
send me letters via its free and I would love to hear
from you all!
  I taught a cool lesson to some recent converts inside a big mosquito
net which was a new experience! I also enjoyed the comfort of not
worrying about getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. We taught one lesson
where this recent convert (a full grown man) started crying because he
was so frustrated and angry at his neighbor. What was cool was every
time I said anything he shhh-ed everyone so he could listen to me. I
feel like the spirit was really guiding me to help him because he felt
much better afterwards and we gave him a blessing of comfort as well.
  This week was different in that we had 2 separate exchanges!  The Zone leaders came and went with the two companionships in our house. Since it's so far away for them they just come with us as a
trio. We had Elder Girard in our companionship and he is great! He's
almost dead (meaning he almost finished his mission) and he leaves in
2 weeks! He knows Khmer super well and it gave me a good model to look
forward to. That day we visited Roong again and as we taught the first
four of the Ten Commandments he accepted all but said he had trouble
with sabbath observance because of his job. He said he really wants to
go and is asking Heavenly Father for forgiveness because he doesn't go
but he's still praying for the opportunity. Yesterday I fasted for
him, among other things, to have the opportunity to go to church and
that he would get an answer to his prayer. We visited him last night
and he is still praying and I feel like his faith is growing little by
little. I am anxious to see the fruits of his prayers!
  A cool little miracle I experienced this week was I
almost ran out of food and money so I was rationing myself (I'm
learning how to budget better for this month haha). I went out that
day with not much food in my belly and an hour and a half long bike
ride ahead of me (both ways) so I prayed the lord would sustain me
even though I didn't eat very much because he promises in the
scriptures to his missionaries to think not about what ye shall eat
or wherewithal ye shall be clothed, for the lord knoweth ye have need
of all these things. Then as I started to get hungry and tired a
couple of the members that came with us offered me some bread. Even
though it was a little thing I know the Lord answers prayer and truly
cares about the little things in our lives. All of our little problems
he sees and stands ready to assist. I had another exchange where Elder Harris came with me
in my area so I had to do all the leading around and what not. It was
a really great day and we got some fantastic lessons in and four
separate people came up to us or stopped us on our bikes to ask us
about Jesus Christ or our English class. It's incredible how the Lord
will just fling people into my path that are waiting to hear the
gospel. One of them came up while we were teaching a less active to
buy some ice from the guy and we have a return appointment with him!
These people are so great! During my study that morning I had written
a scripture down in my planner not knowing when or if I'd use it and
in one of our lessons It was exactly what they needed! It's incredible
how by small and simple means, great things are brought to pass.
  Yesterday when I fasted I was praying a whole lot for the strength
and energy to get through the day because of my experience last fast of nearly fainting in church. To my great relief I had plenty of energy and strength all day! Just another little miracle to show
how much the Lord is involved in the details of our lives. I also got
the opportunity to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost on Odom. I was
really nervous seeing as I don't know all the words I need to know to
do that in Khmer but I did it anyway with the assistance of Elder Hang
and by listening to the Branch President do Janat's just before. That
was a neat experience and I could feel the Love of God for this child
of his who has decided to change his life and follow Jesus Christ. I'm
having a wonderful time learning and growing and sharing the Gospel
here. I am so blessed for the opportunity to come and serve a mission
for the Lord and I know that he is supporting me. I know His work is
to bring to pass the Immortality and Eternal life of man and that I am
here in this life and especially on this mission to assist in that
work. Heavenly Father Loves His children and cares deeply about each
and every soul. I have seen that love in my life and in the lives of
those I am teaching. I love you all so much and I hope this letter
finds you well. May God bless and answer your prayers according to
your faith and righteousness and in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

                               -Elder Lyle Brewer

 FHE activity

 FHE activity

 A wedding suit that one of the people we visited made me try on

 my lesson inside a mosquito net

 A lovely Garden!

 a little boy wearing my helmet

 A wall painting that says "Education is to cause Life to Change"

The incredibly nice housing block where fantastically rich people live

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