Monday, March 17, 2014

Endure All Well

Hello Everyone!  I'm doing just dandy! I left my notes of all the things I wanted to share at home today so this e-mail might not be as meaty as the others seeing as I'm going only by memory. But what a week it was! It's getting hotter every day and there isn't a moment when I'm not
sweating profusely. But I love being here!! Right now we have 5 progressing investigators and 3 of them are to get baptized this Sunday! Jantraa, his wife Ravii, and their 13 year old son Chiva. They had some tough times since learning with us because all their neighbors don't like Christians. But when they finally invited us to come back and teach them their faith shot through the roof! They are such a fantastic family. Our two other Investigators are Nguan and Roong. So Nguan is 15 and when we taught him this week we told him we
wanted to meet him at 6 and he said yeah! So he rode his bike to the church! haha We didn't tell him to meet us there but I guess he just assumed we would meet there haha. There were some youth finishing up practicing piano at the church when we arrived and we invited them to help us teach our lesson to Nguan. They all sat in and we taught the Restoration all the while getting help from our awesome youth member help. Then we committed him to read and pray to know the Book of Mormon is true and he accepted. He also said he would come to church for all three hours on Sunday but he didn't show up. We're going to meet him today and follow up so we'll see how everything is going and report next week!
On Wednesday on my way home this boy rides by me and swerves and crashes his bike right in front of me while he's carrying this moto battery. So I had to bail from my bike in order to keep from running over him. Thankfully I jumped off in time but my bike ran into his. He
just got right up and took his now fluid leaking moto battery and rides off. So I grab my bike and ride home. My companion was in front of me so didn't see any of it and I just say "hey I crashed" and he said "that's not good" and then we went on. haha
Friday was transfer day. Elder Hang and I are still in Kean Svay but one of the Elders in our house left and we got another Khmer, Elder Rum. He likes to play music all the time. Its great! He's got some really good church music that I wish I had! But I don't have to worry
because I get to hear it whenever we're home.

 Okay so one of my favorite parts of the week was last night meeting with Roong. Man this guy is on fire! He has received everything we've taught him with an open heart. He reads the Book of Mormon and prays often and keeps all the commandments we've taught him. His only big issue is that he can't come to church. His job makes him work Sunday mornings. He asks his boss every week for time off to go to church and every week his answer is no. His co-workers and boss have started to give him dirty looks and laugh behind his back and now he can't even eat lunch in the same place they do because they mock him when he
prays over his food. Despite all this persecution he faces he refuses to revile them back and he still has strong faith that the Lord will help him and give him the opportunity to go to church and get baptized if he keeps praying and has strong enough faith. His example is
phenomenal. He simply wants to follow Jesus Christ and will do what he can do to so. I pray often for Roong that he will see a miracle. Elder Jeffery R. Holland said when he came to Asia and spoke to all the mission presidents that the missionaries should expect miracles. So I am expecting one. Just waiting for the Lord's timing. We shared with him how the Lord tells the Nephites in 3 Nephi 12:10-12 that those who are persecuted for His name's sake will be blessed and inherit the Kingdom of God. Roong took comfort in this and said he would continue to fight valiantly. I hope we can all follow the example of Roong and follow Jesus Christ in all times and places no matter the circumstances. No matter the persecution. Let us press on in so great a cause. Jesus descended below them all, art thou greater than him? I
know that as we seek to follow the Savior and have faith on his name we will see miracles in our lives and we will be blessed beyond measure. This story is not over and neither is yours. You will still face challanges on the road of life. But as we learn from Joseph Smith while he suffered in Liberty Jail, "that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." I encourage you all to read sections 121 to 123 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Tonight, and if not Tonight then Tomorrow. But no later than Tomorrow. I know God
knows your circumstance and stands ready to guide and support you inyour trials. And even though they may seem insurmountable, they will be for your good. Thou shalt triumph over all thy foes and God shall exalt thee on high. I love you all. In the name of my Savior and
Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. Amen.
   Elder Lyle Brewer

 I taught them how to play Down by the Banks at English class

 A big 'ol caterpillar

 Sweet black rice with coconut shavings on top (yummy!)

 A rad view

 A beautiful view

Jantraa Family

Some cool thing I saw

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