Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life

Hello all!
  This week has been awesome! Even with the many bike failures I have
had... To start I had my bike tire fly off while my companion was way
ahead so I had to ride it raw until I caught up when he stopped. Then
because of the big heart of one of our ward missionaries I rode her
bike while mine got fixed. Then that evening while riding her bike the
seat came loose. So I had to stand while I rode. Then when I almost
made it home the chain fell off... and I fell beautifully, eating some
delicious Cambodian dirt. Then later in the week my brakes broke so I
was riding without brakes stopping with my feet and nearly crashing
into everything. Wohoo!
  April fools day brought no surprises. I did however dream that the
other companionship pranked us by putting a tree in our shower and
trashing the house. Luckily none of that actually happened when i woke
up. I don't know how anyone could get a tree in our shower anyway.
  We met with a new family this week but didn't teach because the
husband wasn't home. But we did however follow up on whether or not
they prayed. The two daughters both had and showed their excitement
about it by telling us exactly how to pray haha. Then as we went to
leave the 12 year old daughter stopped us and said "wait! We haven't
prayed yet!" we were so excited! They have such great potential!! We
hope they will come to accept this great message as we continue to
meet with them.
  We had Zone training on Friday, which went really well! I learned a
whole lot and We set some high goals to accomplish in the following
month! We left with a greater determination to just go that one extra
step and push that one extra effort. It was great! Then we went and
taught the little brother of one of the missionaries out here and
committed him to baptism this month also!
  It's getting harder to meet people and teach because of the Khmer
new year. Everyone goes to their birth city and celebrates. Our
mission president told us to stay in next Wednesday if we weren't
busy. I guess it's dangerous to bother people on Khmer new year.
  Then Sunday, as always, was one of my favorite days! Seven of our
investigators showed up to church and so did 2 of our less actives! To
top that off, our recent convert Chantra was ordained a priest and
then the District President gave him permission and helped him ordain
his son to the office of deacon! The spirit was so powerful and I am
so blessed to be serving here to see these miracles! That's it for
this week and now I'm going to see the Royal Palace! I love you all! I
know Jesus Christ is my Savior and redeemer and I trust in him
eternally as my Light and the Finisher of my Faith. Have a wonderful
   Elder Lyle Brewer

teaching the Gospel to Every Creature! (A take off my older
brother Levi's picture from his mission)

Here's the one from Levi's mission!

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