Monday, March 31, 2014

From March 24th, 2014

Hi there!
  This week was great! We had some crazy things happen! We had an
impression to go visit one of our investigators who had been gone
working for a month and check if she had returned yet. We go over and
find out she had an accident at work and when we showed up she started
bleeding like crazy. We got special permission to send her to the
hospital and if we hadn't showed up she would have died. So that was
wild! Then on another day as I was riding to a lesson this random
American guy calls out to me. So Elder Hang and I go back and talk to
him. He asks me if I go to BYU and I said no I'm serving a mission
right now. Then I ask him if he's a member and he says no. Turns out
he was actually an Anti-Mormon trying to get me to read a "Real"
Bible. Despite my attempts to tell him I believed in the King James
version he told me I needed to get a "Real" one. So after a minute of
listening to some ridiculous stories and resisting the urge to expound
all the scriptures from Adam to Thomas S. Monson, I told him that I
had an appointment to get to and I would be happy to speak with him
more at a later time. SO I gave him my card and away we went. It was a
very strange experience to say the least. I didn't think I would find
an American Anti-Mormon in Cambodia.
  In our house we have a basement. Its got stairs leading down to it
from the dining room except the stairs are covered with wood paneling.
So Elder Rum and I lifted up the paneling this morning and decided to
explore a bit. Naturally there was no electricity down there and we
only took one flashlight. Turns out there are six rooms down there. It
was very creepy because there was writing on the walls saying stuff
like "turn back" and "He's watching" and "Too late." So that was fun!
  Enough of the weirdness and on to the more exciting things! This
week we started teaching a family of three as investigators! They were
a referral from one of the members. Referrals are my favorite! If you
have anyone that you know who would benefit from hearing the Gospel
(All people on earth) then do not hesitate to tell the missionaries in
your area! We have had so much success with referrals in this area
because the members are inviting all their extended family to come
join the church. They truly understand the power and joy of this
message and are not afraid to share it.
  We had an an exchange this week also with the Assistants to the
President. Elder An came with Elder Hang and I and it was great! He is
seriously such a fantastic missionary and a great example to follow.
  We had 8 investigators attend sacrament meeting this week and we are
stoked at the progress we're making here! We still had 2 investigators
that didn't make it but they both were really busy with work. We also
had 2 inactive families come to church this week who we've been
working with for a while. Super stellar! And then after church we had
3 baptisms!! The family of Jantra, Ravii, and Chiva! I am so excited
for the progress they have made since first meeting them and all the
trials they had to go through and the persecutions from their
neighbors to get to this point. They have fought valiantly with the
sword of their faith and now we see their reward. After the baptisms
they all stood and bore stellar testimonies that made my heart full of
joy. I can't describe the joy I felt as I heard them share their
conviction to follow Jesus Christ all their lives. This work is so
fulfilling and I just love serving these the Lord's Children.

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