Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transfers!! - from April 21, 2014

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Thank you for your interest in his mission,
Tami Brewer

Dear all you lovely people who read my emails,
  First off I want to thank you for showing so much interest in my mission as to read my emails every week. You're great! Secondly,  I would like to ask you to send me a picture of your lovely faces so I can see who I'm writing to! Yours truly, Elder Brewer. 
  Okay so this week was fun but half of it was unproductive. The khmer new year drains the possibility of all activities outside of eating, dancing, and drinking to an all time low. And since we neither dance nor drink, we didn't do much outside of eating the first 3 days of the week. I don't really know why the khmer new year is a full 3 days but I guess when you wanna celebrate you might as well go as long as you can. Monday we ate lunch at the branch president's house and taught a lesson to two investigators before going back home. Tuesday we had a district meeting in Phonm Penh as well as special training from President Moon! We were taught how to teach English class better as well as how to better communicate in your companionship. It was all very enlightening and I was reminded of many things I'd learned before! After the meeting we went to Swenson's and ate some ice cream! I felt almost as if I was in America as I sat and devoured a delicious rocky road shake. 
  The rest of the week went pretty well and we confirmed a lot of baptismal dates that we will have in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for me I wont be able to see any of them. Last night was transfer calls and I'm going to Battambong!!! Woohoo! I heard its beautiful there with 3 strong branches. I'll also be serving with an American Companion Elder Plotho (I think thats his name) so I'm really pumped! I'm also going to miss my recent converts here but I will keep them in my prayers and hope they will continue to endure to the end! So I leave my Birth area of little Kean Svay to the big Battambong. It's like a 6-7 hour bus ride from Phonm Penh so I'm looking forward to that fun trip! 
  Saturday I had an Exchange with Elder Harris and we did a load of contacting as well as teaching one investigator and some member lessons. As we parked our bikes at the house and walked down some roads to contact we saw these two fellows playing a game that looked similar to chess, but with different pieces. I decided a good way to contact them is to start by asking them how to play! So I went up and asked! Turns out it is very similar to chess! They then asked me how many years I've been in Cambodia. They were very shocked to find that I had only been here for a little over two and a half months and spoke Khmer as clearly as I did. I told them that it was because I had help from God. Then we had a very nice little discussion about restored truths and the way to find out through the spirit and prayer. It was a very fulfilling encounter!
  Sunday was my Dad's Birthday (Elder Hang). In the mission we call our trainers our dad, our first area is where we are born, and when you go home you die. My dad is 28. He is one of the Oldest missionaries out here. We had a yummy lunch and some delicious cake from the American store "Lucky's" that is in Phnom Penh. Very Fun and Very yummy! 
  For my favorite experience this week, I got to teach our recent convert family Chantra, Ravii, and Chiva about temple marriage and Temple work for our dead. I felt the spirit strongly as we testified of eternal sealings and the continuation of God's work after death. I saw this family who had been so faithful in overcoming the challenges that have come since they beagn to learn about the gospel, and I saw a family full of faith. A family that will one day be sealed in the temple for all eternity, a father that may be a leader in the church someday. I saw them through the eyes of the savior, with pure christ-like love, and I wanted to weep. How blessed I am to be a part of their conversion. I testify that lives can and do change. I testify that Jesus Christ, our unchanging and everlasting savior is the catalyst for all good change. I testify that as we draw near unto him and do his work and serve him, our hearts will be filled with joy incomprehensible.
I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I love all of you.
ដោយចិត្តស្មោះត្រង់, Elder Lyle R. Brewer
(With a faithful and sincere heart)

 A pretty bridge

 A big ol' Jackfruit tree

 New born puppy & me

 At the gas station

A monkey kid of one recent convert family

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