Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Best Week Yets

Hello friends!!!
  "WOW" I put that in my Journal everyday this week. To start off we got 72 contacts and 13 new investigators this week. Elder Plothow and I do work. This week has been fantastic! I love Battambong and I love my Companion Elder Plothow! He is the hardest working Elder I have ever met. We get along really well and we have amazing unity. We communicate excellently and we both have a strong desire to be exactly obedient and work as diligently as we can in order to have the spirit. This week we had some awesome people we got to contact and meet that turned out to be interested. I feel like the Lord is guiding us every day because we are trying to be the best missionaries we can. We put into action the 212 degrees and we have seen the fruit. Last night we were super exhausted and had only contacted 7 people for the day but it was 7:45. So we stopped and prayed where to go for our final contact. I looked down the road after we prayed and saw three people walking. So I said to Elder Plothow "lets go and contact those three" So we walked towards them and found out they had a christian background and wanted to learn more. We got a return appointment to teach all three at the church. We have had tons of experiences like that as we have tried to follow your council and the council from Preach my Gospel. As a result we have 3 investigators with baptismal dates and 13 new investigators from this week only. I know the Lord is hastening this work and I know he is supporting me and my companion because we have the desire and we are working hard with faith.
  Earlier this week we rode by this small shop selling food that smelled really delicious. So after we went to our appointment we went back there for a quick dinner. I ended up eating 2 and a half real small birds that tasted like chicken! Also they had some Chicken Bobo, which is kinda like porridge but super good! While we ate we contacted 5 people, got 1 return appointment and another return appointment for the Elders in the other area. That day we got 4 return appointments. Woohoo!! Also earlier that day we tried to contact this older fellow carrying two bags of mangos. After I talked to him he tried to give me his mango bag and I was like "no that's okay, I don't wanna steal your Mangos!" and He just says "you will not receive?" in a very incredulous tone of voice. So I thanked him for his generous gift and Elder Plothow and I laughed about it the rest of the day. 
  On Thursday I went and tore down half a house for a less active in our branch. All the missionaries in the Zone came and helped. It went really great and she even came to church this Sunday and bore an amazing testimony! Service saves souls!!  That same night we had prayed to find someone who the Lord had prepared and who would be an awesome member of the church and as we walked home (Earlier that day we decided to walk to our next appointment) we met this couple and started walking and talking with them. As we got to their big really nice house, they invited us in, cut us some Mangos, and said they would love to have us come back and teach them. We went back Saturday night and taught an awesome lesson about the restored gospel and they said they would read and pray about it! So we're teaching a family now!! Woohoo!! We also happened to contact this other family earlier that week which we went and taught the restoration of the gospel to and it went great too! That last family is Christian as well. We are teaching a lot of Christians right now which is super odd seeing as 95% of Cambodia is Buddhist. One of my favorite lessons of all time was taught this week. We got a referral from the sisters in our branch whom they contacted right before they came to the service project. We went and visited him and he seemed super excited to learn everything he could about Jesus Christ. He said we can come back anytime of the day to teach him because he is just working his shop selling things. So we come back the next morning and he sets up a table for us. We start teaching and then some people come to buy things. This guy goes and sells to them really quickly, apologizing for stopping the lesson, but he tells the person buying that he is learning about Jesus and they should come listen. This happens 10 or so times and every time he invites them to learn. It was so cool!!! Although no one accepted, his awesome desire to share was incredible. When we got to the end we invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and if Joseph Smith saw god. Then we invited him to be baptized and he said "Yes, When and Where." I was so pumped!! This guy is SO Golden. I can't wait to teach him some more!!! 
  I love everything about Preaching the Gospel to these Cambodians. I feel like the Lord is blessing me beyond compare and preparing all these people to here the word of the Lord. I hope you can all learn to live and Love the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday of your life. To be exactly obedient to the Commandments, make or give no excuses. Become like your savior Jesus Christ. I love you all! 
  -Elder Lyle R. Brewer
To be Grateful is to be Happy.

  in the jungle with elder Plothow

 Elder Plothow wearing a sick mask

 Elder Long on the bus!

 Elder Taylor

A cool wat!

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