Tuesday, May 20, 2014


  Last Monday I got to ride the Bamboo Train! Which is basically a bed frame made of bamboo on wheels with a motor on the back. Its a little sketchy but also a really fun experience! We road five person on a cart. Each cart was powered by a motor and they road separate from each other. It was pretty cool. Then at the end while we were turning around there was a nice tourist trap. Of course I haggled the ridiculous prices down to almost normal and got a Kroma (a scarf) which I'm wearing today as a tie. (see included pictures). I feel super creative. 
  Tuesday was a really crazy day. In the morning one of our investigators Om Not called and told us he didn't feel like he could do everything he needs to do to be a member. He said not to come over. We were really downtrodden that morning but we went and visited his neighbor who has been learning with him too and he still wants to learn. We hope Om Not will come back later. We almost had the 2 of them ready for baptism this month too. But some other cool things happened that day also. We taught this new investigator named Jruke, which in Khmer means pig. I feel bad for the guy, his leg is really messed up too and he walks around on homemade crutches. He also has a drinking/smoking problem. But here's were the miracle happens. We teach about God and the Word of Wisdom for our first lesson with him and he says he'll give it all up. Then we meet him later in the week and he says he's quit and hasn't smoked or drank since we met. We weren't yet sure if he was just telling stories, but then he came to church without anyone helping or reminding him. Elder Plothow and I were so excited!! We hope he keeps progressing like wildfire. Its just wild to see how the Lord prepares people that you never think would accept our message. The church is true! 
  I met Phareth this week and he is doing super stellar! He finally made it to church this week and participated a bunch in both Gospel doctrines class and priesthood. He's going to be baptized on the 7th of June!! Om Lim Samath invited his wife to learn and both have come to church the last two weeks. They are doing super solid too! They both are going to be baptized on the 7th also! We taught this guy we contacted named Tum the other day. We didn't think he was super interested but when we came back he remembered everything and he taught his wife (who joined us the second time) how to pray. He even came to the baptism the other Elders had this saturday and afterwards he asked "Can I be baptized tomorrow?" It was so awesome!!! He's amazing! The only problem is he is going to Thailand for work in a week cuz he can't find work here. Which means we wont see him for 3 months. But we asked him to pray to ask heavenly Father if he should stay here and find a job in Battambong and if God would help him. So he said an amazingly sincere prayer that outlined just that. We are also praying like crazy for him too. We hope he can stay and accept the fullness of the Gospel!!!  
  Friday I had a really great exchange with Elder Jensen, my Zone leader. He finishes his mission in less than 3 weeks. Its really sad cuz I've become really good friends with him living in the same house. I'm gonna miss him. Saturday night we visted 2 recent converts and their friend was there who had just finished being a monk like 6 months ago. He said he wanted to try praying because he saw the effect it had when his family members (who are members of the church) prayed and had all their prayers answered. Then he came to church on sunday!! I'm super excited to teach him! Church this week was the best i've had on my mission thus far. We had 104 people at church and the whole program ran very smothly and everyone was extraordinarily reverent. Also Elder Plothow and I didn't have to fulfill the responsibilities of the members by blessing the sacrament, playing the piano, and teaching priesthood. We had people to do that all this week! Yay! Also my Mtc teacher came back to Cambodia with his wife and visited the battambong 3rd branch which he served in over two years ago! A bunch of people told me I better come back with my wife someday. hahah Louv Da is another investigator of ours. It has been so amazing to watch the change in his prayers. He started reading the book of mormon when we assigned him to read 2 nephi 31 (about baptism) and he prayed and told us he felt his heart was full, complete, and whole. He's getting baptized next month on the 21st!!! battambong is progressing so well and me and my companion are working everyday to harvest the white field while the Lord of the harvest still says there is time. I love you all and i Love this work and i know heavenly father is looking out for me. I feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost every day and I feel the Savior's love for me. I hope you all can feel likewise.
    Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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