Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You Don't Have A Job?!

Hey Family! (My friends you are now all family too)
  So last P-day I got a shave and a hair cut! Only 1 dollar! But the guy shaved my face with a single blade and he must not be used to shaving people with lots of facial hair because he cut me up pretty good. Next time I do it at home. haha
  We've been teaching this guy named Chruke (which means Pig) and he was basically the village drunk who smokes a few boxes also. We taught the plan of salvation this week and he is changing his life! We did however catch him smoking one at a neighbor's house.... Small baby steps!!! 
  We did a lot of service this week. Which included harvesting peanuts, cutting wood, and lifting dirt into a house being built. Super fun and also very exhausting! I have to admit I didn't know anything about Peanut plants before I started pulling them out of the ground. Learn something new everyday! Especially out here in the Jungle. 
  I contacted this lady the other day whose house looked like it was being worked on. This is how that contact went. Me: "Hello! How are you? Is there anything we can help you do here?" Her: *Blank stare* "where did you come from?" Me: "well we were just walking down the road and we thought you could use some help!" Her: *incredulously* "You don't have a job?" Me: "well actually we're missionaries, we usually teach people about Jesus Christ and the Plan of happiness, but we don't have anyone to teach right now so we want to help you" Her: *looks at me very incredulously* Me: "I promise we're not trying to rob you, we're just volunteers!" 
  The rest of the conversation she asked some questions and we told her all about missionary work, why we're here, how the gospel has blessed our lives, and how it can bless hers. She then looked very interested and invited us back! It was a very funny experience haha. 
  This week we also found an 18 yr old guy that had learned with the missionaries more than 6 years ago! He and his little sister are super pumped to learn more and they even came to church yesterday after only meeting them once!! I'm really excited for them and I can't wait to see the progress they make!!! 
  One new investigator we taught this week made me particularly happy. While we were teaching about the life of Jesus Christ we told all about the miracles he preformed. She was ecstatic! I've never taught anyone that was so shocked at all the miracles Jesus Performed! I told her Jesus made the blind see and she was just like "what?! Really?! The blind saw again?! That is so cool!!!" Then I went on to say that the sick were healed and the dead were raised and she was almost jumping out of her seat! A God with power to bless his children, that is a whole new concept for her and I'm so glad to be a part of her progress towards her Heavenly Father. I realized this week that I'm extremely blessed to be a missionary. I get to hear dozens of people's first prayers to their Heavenly Father in their entire life. I truly know my Heavenly Father loves me and cares for me and that knowledge fills my heart with Joy more than anything else. I love my Father in Heaven. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is to know them. To have the desire to follow them and to know how. How blessed i am to have the Scriptures to teach me and to change my heart. To be Born of God. A new creation as at first. I love you all immensely. Writing you this helps me realize all the blessings I have and helps me buckle down again for another week. Keep on Keeping on my Beloved brothers and sisters. 
   With Love, Elder Lyle R. Brewer

Let the Holy Spirit guide. Let it testify of Truth.

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