Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day!!!

Good Morning!!!
  Today was soo fantastic!!! I got to talk to my mommy and daddy and all my siblings! Happy Mothers day!!! It was so much fun to see them and talk with them. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. You guys are the best!! 
  This week was super good! Another killer week for the Veil Breakers!! That's the name we decided to call ourselves. Because we help other people break through their veil of shadows and find Jesus Christ! We feel really cool.... 
  This Monday I went to the Crocodile farm!! See pics below. It was really cool. I also got to hold a baby croc!! I felt like Steve Irwin! And then after that I felt sad..... Poor Steve. They raise them and then eat them! Its been raining a whole bunch. Rain is wet. Very wet.  Our investigator pool keeps growing and if we stay at this rate we're going to have to start going on splits to keep up with all the people we need to schedule! Thats a good problem to have though. We have one investigator we contacted and he stopped us mid-way and said "I'm sorry, I'm drunk, come back tomorrow and I'll believe." So we came back and he welcomed us in and said he would go to church this sunday, read, pray, and be baptized. And he actually came to church! It was so awesome! We are looking forward to some great things to happen here in the near future. I love Elder Plothow, I don't feel like I'm being slowed down when I'm with him. He has the same drive and the same commitment to work with all his heart, might, mind, and strength. Our English class is fantastic. This is the most successful English class I can Imagine. We have many new investigators that come from english class and they actually learn and want to come back. Having sisters here is awesome. We get great referrals from them and we give them great referrals. It makes it way easier to teach people too! I'm looking forward to everyday working here with Elder Plothow and I expect miracles and they happen. We did some more service lifting dirt into a member's house this week. That seems to be the most common service project here. There are way more things I'm doing all day everyday here in this area than my last so I get really lost really quick on what happens during the day. But I love it so much! There are so many details i wish I had more time to add this week but with the Skype calll it will have to wait till next week. I Love you all so much! Keep Moving Forward. And love you Mommy!!!!!

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