Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Battombong!!! The lost stick - from April 27, 2014

Hey you guys!!! 
  Okay so I'm beyond excited right now. I got to tell you all about it! First off. Cambodia is getting its first two stakes ever on May 24th!!! I am so pumped!! We've been working really hard for this and now we got it! The church has only been here in Cambodia for 20 years (we'll be celebrating the 20th anniversary this June) and we are already getting stakes!!! 
  Okay so let me tell you a bit about my week. I found out that my name sounds similar to bruh-pluung and the little kids like to call me that. It means dragon fire. So I'm not going to complain As I said goodbye to a lot of the members, recent converts, and investigators I got to know in kean svay, I really felt some incredible love from them towards me and I felt some amazing love towards them. I will miss my home area. But I'm off to save more souls here in Battambong!! One of the members there kept telling me he was going to get really rich and then buy a plane ticket and come see me at my house in america because I was like a little brother to him. I'm going to miss that guy! We taught English class and had a fun obstacle course where one person led a blindfolded companion by only using English words. It was super fun! After that some of the youth in the branch randomly gave me some going away gifts which consisted of a little porcelain turtle, two stuffed lambs, and some cake. I was so surprised!Thursday was my last full day in kean Svay and I packed all my stuff up in the morning. I accidentally ate some bad rice and felt like vomiting for much of the day but the Lord gave me strength to overcome. We went to meet member help at the church building and we found a baby bat that hadn't yet opened it's eyes attached to one of their bikes. I think it fell from the tree above. It didn't know how to fly yet. So I tried to save it because bats eat mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes. Its mouth was bleeding so I think it will probably die...  At that time I said goodbye to Bong Thon ( the guy who wants to visit me in america) he just loves me. I probably said goodbye to him and gave him a hug 5 times that day. At the end of the day we went over to a member's house who was having an FHE which they invited us to and said goodbye. One of the little girls said with a sad look on her face and a sober tone "I won't let you go" as I was saying goodbye and about to ride away. That nearly broke my heart. 
  Friday I rode a bus 7 hours from Phnom Penh to Battambong. I get there at night and we went straight to the house and to bed. My house is right across from the church. Its awesome! Me and my new companion Elder Plothow instantly got along. We both want to work super hard. We have a lot of similar interests. He is super chill. Best of all we are ready to do the lord's work with all our heart, might, mind, and strength! We are already super good friends and I am stoked for this transfer!! 
  We went out and contacted a bunch on Saturday and got some return appointments too! Then we visited a couple investigators, recent converts, and less actives. We taught this one lady who Elder Plothow contacted a few days ago and after we taught about prayer and God, we asked her how she felt and she said happy in her heart. We told her that was the Holy spirit testifying that what we taught is true. She said we could come back and teach more! Our area has sister missionaries. That means that if we have any women investigators, we give them to the sisters. But we also get any men that they contact! So its a good deal! It also makes it easier to get member help because we have to bring two women to meet with one woman. Sunday at church the branch presidency changed. So there is a lot of change for this branch going on! Also I forgot to mention that there is an actual big white beautiful church building in Battambong! I love having a building. The night before I showed up, however, there was a massive strom that blew a bunch of shingles from the rooftop. So saturday we had to clean them all up, as well as an uprooted tree on the property, before church the next day. Oh I also had to play piano in church because the other pianist didn't show up. That was a shock. Then after church we went and showed the sisters the lady we taught on saturday and gave them her as an investigator. We met some other awesome people and we just work so well together! I am so excited to do work with Elder Plothow! Battambong is gorgeous and I don't know where I'm going like ever. I'll get used to it soon enough! Thanks for all your prayers and support! I hope this letter finds you well and that you may have the strength of the Lord to bear all things! 
  Elder Lyle R. Brewer
p.s I'm sorry I forgot my camera and so I can't send all the lovely pictures I want to! Next week(:

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