Monday, July 14, 2014

Buckets and Transfers

  This week the sky dumped buckets every other day. We did a lot of work in the rain. I love rain but sometimes it's super Yap. Cambodians don't go out in the rain for fear of getting struck by lightning. Like what?! They think if you talk on a cellphone in the rain then your chances of getting struck by lightning skyrocket. MATH. One of our former investigators rode up to us while we were waiting for member help and asked us if he could come learn with us at our next lesson because he had some extra time. Our member help never showed up and our other lesson cancelled so we went with him to a random Member's house nearby and taught him there! It was really random and super cool too haha. Our bikes were really dirty from biking in the mud so we got them washed. While they were being cleaned we went and got tuk ompov (which is sugarcane juice), a boat load of contacts from the University of Battambang, and two really clean bikes. 
  We got a whopping 12 new investigators this week. Some have some seriously solid potential and others are going to take some serious work. This week we found out our Branch Mission Leader is leaving on a mission this Friday. He was waiting until his Visa came so he could go to Canada but they rejected him twice and now he's going to serve a Mini mission here in Cambodia until his Visa comes! But now we lost the Best BM leader ever... :(
  On Friday morning we had an impromptu service project where we had to lift someone's house out of the ground and move it across the yard to a new location. When asked why we are moving it they answered: "it's in the wrong place." Fair enough. That night I went on Splits with Elder Ang and he brought blueberry muffin mix which his mom had sent him. We had some yummy muffins for breakfast! I really wished I had some of Mommy's Strawberry homemade muffins. Mmmmm.
  Saturday we went to the Baptism of the Sister's investigator whom Elder Plothow and I had found and referred to them. It was so amazing! Watching her enter into a covenant with her Father in Heaven to be cleansed from sin and follow him was an experience of exceeding Joy. As my companion stood in the water with her, raising his hand to the square and praying to our Father in Heaven, I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement for this daughter of God. I know this is the Lord's church. I feel it testified to me through the spirit often.
On Wednesday night a man that had been going to church for 2 months and refused to meet with the Elders finally came up to us and asked to start learning. Wohoo! We started teaching him at 8 O'clock on Sunday morning right before church. He is exceedingly learned in the Bible. He's sitting there quoting the New Testament during our first lesson. He already believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet and is already going to church regularly so we are preparing him to be baptized on the 26th if we can teach him all the lessons in time! 
  Sunday was awesome. The Sister's recent convert was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints and was conferred the Holy Spirit as her guide and companion. In Priesthood meeting our recent convert Vichhaka was ordained to the Priesthood to the office of Priest. It was amazing to see him make another covenant to take upon him the authority to do God's work. 
  That night President Moon called us and told Elder Plothow he will be a Zone leader in Stung Mian Jay in Phonm Penh and that my new companion is a native named Elder Nhum. I'm staying in Battambang another Transfer! YAY!! I think that's all for this week though. I love you all so much! May our Heavenly Father bless and Prosper you I pray, In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
-Elder L. Rogers Brewer

 Some adorable recent converts and their siblings

Tree of Life???

Service. Lifting someone's house

My favorite family ever

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