Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oh say what is Truth?

  This week was very long! Monday we had quarterly interviews with President Moon and sister Moon made us Banana bread! Very yummy. My companion is still learning English and President wants me to help him. He can't really understand me at all when I speak English. He can understand when Khmer's speak broken English though. Elder Nhoem (my comp) is a super hard worker and he knows the doctrine so well! He is super easy going and we get along really well. He's also a brilliant cook. He makes two dishes for lunch so that we eat like kings haha. On Monday we taught Heng again and instead of us teaching the 10 commandments we read them and he explained them better than we normally would. He understood that the 10 commandments don't only mean what they say but they foreshadow a higher law, the law of Christ. Heng understood this as well as all other commandments and the entire new testament. Heng told us he understands so much because he reads the scriptures and ponders. He doesn't just read words but thinks about them and discovers them through the Holy Ghost. He's a miracle. Yep he's getting baptized this Saturday
  This week we received a plethora of new investigators. Most of them are from part-member families. My recent convert Vichhakka told us his little brother Veha wanted to learn. Another member's son started learning with us also (his name is Sambat) and our relief society president's son came home from Phnom Penh and started learning with us also! They all have baptismal dates and are super solid! This month is going to be extremely good for missionary work in Battambang! The Lord has been preparing the hearts and minds of so many people for so long that when we find them they easily accept the message! We've also had 4 less-actives rescued this last week and we've seen the joy they've had in coming back to the fold of God. 
  Saturday was pioneer day and it is a HUGE thing here in the church. The only thing bigger is Christmas. The youth put on a wonderful play of the pioneers travelling the great plains to the Salt lake valley and it was very emotionally touching. We also ate lots of chicken curry. 
  I'm loving this area and I'm loving the members and my branch here. I've got a great companion and more importantly the Lord on my side. I've felt the soft impressions of the spirit so often and I know that my savior lives. I am more sure that Jesus lives than I know I am writing you today. I pray that you will strive everyday to seek to build your testimony of the Savior line upon line, Precept upon precept, here a little and there a little until your testimony glows brighter than the noon-day sun. That is our weapon we used to fight satan in the pre-mortal realm and it is that same testimony here on earth that we use to combat Satan's attempts to destroy us and this God's work. Recently I have re-learned a lesson in truth: that knowing something is true alone is not enough. Knowing that drinking water will quench your thirst is not enough to satisfy your parched tongue. You must also love that truth and act upon it. Only when you take the cup of living water and drink from it will you thirst be quenched. The devils also know God and the Savior and fear him. How much better are we than devils when we love not that truth and act on it for our salvation? I exhort you to learn everyday of the Savior. Learn of your purpose on earth; and then act on that knowledge in love towards the savior for the salvation of your eternal soul in the kingdom of God. For Christ hath said "if ye love me keep my commandments." He is my King, my Redeemer, my Lord, and Savior. In his name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder L. Rogers Brewer

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