Monday, September 29, 2014

Rice Picking

  So this week I got to go do a service project where we helped someone pull out and replant rice plants in their field. It was super fun and very exhausting! I'm basically an Asian farmer now. You can call me Farmer Ling Ling. 
  We also did a deep clean of our house for the Senior Couple inspection. We passed! On another day we went out with the Senior Couple to our really far area to teach an investigator and an active member family. Our investigators Uauem and Chuaen live out there. They ask a lot of really good questions and have a sincere desire to follow Christ! Uauem is such a kind a loving man that wants to follow God sincerely and his wife is a curious and generous woman who loves to learn and desires nothing more than happiness through our Heavenly Father. Uauem won't even kill rats if they are eating all his sugar cane and when he read about Nephi having to kill Laban he was so upset he wouldn't even let his wife read that section. He said he only wants his sensitive family to read the good parts.
  On Friday it was buy one get one free at Swenson's Ice Cream so we went there for our lunch break and dug into an Earthquake (8 scoop ice cream Sunday). Elder Ngov and I both ate a whole Earthquake each. We didn't feel so good after that... But we still went and taught lessons and got to meet some of our investigators including Yong and then Sophanarit and his mom. They are all doing pretty well! They didn't make it to church again this week but we're still praying for them! We've been working with our branch president a lot more lately and he's showed a desire to push missionary work in the branch as a main goal. We had a lot of cancelled lessons and just people not being home when they say they are this week so it caused for a lot of nothing but contacting. While waiting at the house of a member for them to come help us we sat in front of the house and shouted hello and Suasdei to all the passersby and we got some very friendly responses! No one stopped to talk unfortunately so that is not a good contacting technique for you future and or current missionaries. I love being here in Cambodia on the Lord's errand! The work is fulfilling and I love teaching the gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ. I hope you all know I love you! 
Elder Brewer

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