Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello Everyone!
  I'm excited to let you all know that I ate ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch 5 times this week because I found some at an awesome store. It made me feel way better than eating fried meat and vegetables everyday. Also I'm trying to get really fit so I've been exercising morning and night. I feel so good! 
  So on top of that exercise this week we biked out 14 kilometers(one way) to meet 2 investigator families that have been coming to church every week for the past 3 months. And then we did it again. Normally we wouldn't go way out there but because they're doing so well we started biking out to meet them. (Sometimes we have the senior couple drive us out when they're not in Siem Rieb.) But when we got there the pathway to their house was flooded so we had to take our shoes off and wade through some water. See pictures below! Both the families out there are so good! They ask serious understanding questions and they really desire to put off there old habits to become saints of Christ! I'm super excited for the progress they are making and they have already committed to baptism in a few weeks! 
  We contacted some awesome potential investigators this week and yesterday while we were waiting in the shade trying to figure out where to go next this girl rides up on her moto and asks us where our church was and if she could join. It was so cool! Then we went and showed the sisters a referral from a part member family and at their house they had a home made bench press made from cement disks they poured themselves. So naturally I had to try it. The sisters took a picture so i'll have to get it from them somehow and send it later. 
  The other day we were trying to get some member help from our branch missionaries but they were busy. While I was leaving their house I saw this man carrying a paint bucket so I offered to help him and carried it with him to his house. He let us come in and sit down and we invited to share with him a message of Jesus Christ. He said he believes already and so I asked him if the Lord had more to say through new scriptures, would he want to know what the Lord said? He said he would, but the bible said there would be no more. I tried to explain to him how that was a misconception perpetuated through generations of translation. I also tried to help him understand that the Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and thus he will continue to have prophets and reach out to the children of men. He said he would study the restoration pamphlet we gave him and that we could come back another time later. I hope the Lord will soften his heart to accept the restored gospel!
  And finally last night President Moon called me and told me I'll be transferring to the big city of Phnom Penh and serving in Tulkok as Zone leader! And then the Assistants to the President called later and said I would also be serving as District leader at the same time! So I'm pretty excited and a little nervous for the overwhelming task ahead. So this Thursday all the missionaries in Battambang will be going down to the city on a 7-8 hour bus ride because everyone here is either leaving or training. So It should be really fun! Also I'm super excited to watch general conference this next weekend! I hope you all got a lot our of the Lord's words to us in these later days! I love you so much!

Elder Lyle Brewer

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