Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Dear Family,
  My companion Elder Nhoem was diagnosed with Typhoid Fever this week. So we haven't been able to do a lot of proselyting. We had the Senior couple watch our sick companion on a couple days so Elder Ngov and I could get some work done. On other days that he felt okay, Elder Nhoem also accompanied us for a few hours before we retired early so he could get some much needed rest. By some miracle we still managed to get 10 new investigators and 6 of them have baptismal dates for the following month of October on the 4th. We found a new family that really wants to learn and many other people too. Two of my recent converts' husbands finally decided to learn and have committed to baptism. We also contacted a 25 year old guy that just moved from Phnom Penh and wants to put his life in order so his family thinks he is worth something and so he feels like he is worth something. He loves the idea of being cleansed from sin and starting anew. He committed to baptism on the 4th of October also. Sombat is still having trouble smoking. He is making it so hard on himself and we're only trying to help him. He shows real desire but lack of control when temptation comes. We work with him frequently trying to encourage the best from him. We have been working with Daen and committed him to baptism after teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but when we came home after the lesson he texted us and said he would not be able to be baptized on that day and he wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. We were saddened but we'll keep working with him. we are trying to help his older brother Ream to become active again as well. This week we met and taught a man who has attended another Christian church for the past 10 years and taught him of the restoration of the Gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith and he accepted the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon with excitement! We were astonished at how well the lesson went considering his strong roots in the other church. 
  We're hoping for a better upcoming week with more work but it will all depend on how Elder Nhoem is feeling. Being sick is awful. Having your companion sick is extremely difficult also.
  I know that my redeemer lives. I know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church. We are all travelers on a journey home. We may not remember what home was like, or what our parents said to us, but our loving father in heaven has shown us the way through beautiful marking points. The scriptures, prayer, church attendance, and the words of the prophets to name a few. If we prove faithful, our Father in Heaven will say to us: Well done thou good and faithful servant, thou wast faithful over a few things, I shall make thee ruler over many things. In the words of our beloved prophet of the restoration of the church in these later days: "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"
  With enduring love, Elder Lyle Brewer

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