Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nov. 17, 2014

Dearest Family,
  Gosh I love you guys so much. Make sure to eat an extra bite of the Pretzel Jello Casserole for me. Also I would like to commission Logan to give a hug to everyone in my place and Landon to give them a high five. Okay so 3 more days and I've been wearing a tag for a whole year solid. Isn't that exciting?? Only one more month till I get to see your beautiful faces through the international lens of Skype. Also my companion is dying (finishing his mission) on Wednesday. He's the English man from Africa. His accent is really thick. Sometimes he will say a sentence like, "That's a nice caa"
and I'll be like, "what?" then he says "Car" with an american accent. More often then not I ended up talking like him and saying my words like the Queen. He thinks its funny. Elder Caine and I laugh a lot. I laughed harder than I have in a long time on Tuesday night. The quote of the week is ëlder you've got a 3 and a half o'clock here."
  This week we met Seyha and his mother twice and taught the restoration and the plan of salvation. Two amazing lessons! On the second visit Seyha was asking questions about his reading of the Book of Mormon and how to gain a testimony. He said he prayed and felt something but he wants more. I told him that was part of the answer that God would give him line upon line. He then told me he already knows the Book of Mormon is true because of the way he feels when he reads it. Wow!! During the plan of salvation lesson my words were guided by the spirit to touch their hearts in a unique way and they both committed to baptism on the 20th of December! Also I have 3 investigators who are getting baptized next week! I feel much like Ammon in the 26th chapter of Alma. Easily one of my favorite chapters ever. 
  Saturday I ate raw eggs with raw beef and raw vegetables. I'm not sick! It was actually kind of good with the spices. I don't know how safe it was.... 
  I have learned the importance of the doing the simple things to build your foundation on Christ. My Father has taught me this for a long time and now I have a testimony of it for myself. I encourage you to learn how to pray sincerely and read and understand the Book of Mormon! This is the key to conversion!
  I hope you will realize that this is so important for each one of us. All of us must continue to pray and read the scriptures each day in order to keep the light strong and keep our faith strong and continue to strengthen our relationship with God.  He must be so important in our life that nothing can stop us from making time to pray and study the scriptures.  Then we will always be active in the gospel, and we will always remain active in the church too.  Please never forget this!  You must not only be active in the Church, you must be active in the gospel!  It is not enough to just go to church and come to activities.  You must keep your personal relationship with God strong through prayer and studying the scriptures and taking the sacrament each week!
I love you and I love my Father in Heaven! 
Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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