Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anniversary and Gratitude

My Beloved Ones,
  What a week it was here in The Kingdom of Wonder. The first wonder of the week was Monday morning at 1 am when i get missed called by a random number. When the sun came up I called him back and found out he was a contact by the office Elders. He said he wanted to learn that day at 9 am. Since Monday is our preparation day we don't proselyte until 5 pm so I tried to schedule him for later but he said he was only free at 9 on Monday. So my companion and I went to teach the man anyway. It was a very interesting lesson where most of the time he was flipping though Elder Caine's scriptures and looking at his pictures and the copy of his passport... while we were teaching. That night we also taught another new investigator named Bun. He and his wife were contacted by me just a couple days before. He didn't really understand much of what we taught but he still loved it. When we came back again on Saturday he and his wife told us how much they want to join but they are afraid of what the neighbors will say since two of their sons are monks. So they said they want to talk to their sons first and then they will tell us if they can join. Wonderfully humble and desirous people blinded by the fear of man. I hope they will see that God is more important than what the neighbors will say.  
  On Wednesday before I sent Elder Caine home we had lunch with an American named Dave whom I met two weeks ago. He bought us amazing steak and lamb shank from a super nice place. Best meal I have had in the country, bar none. Dave is not a member but his family is. He knows all the church lingo and also lots of history about beards in the church. He said he doesn't understand why Ties should be the attire of choice at church. He also has a PHD and teaches at a university here in Cambodia. 
  This Saturday I had the privilege to baptize two of my investigators and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong there! And to top that off, right before the baptism I contacted a referral given to us from the Elders in Prey Veng and he came immediately to the church to meet us. We there taught him lesson one and invited him to stay for the baptism, which he did. Then he came to church on Sunday! His name is Mony and he is an amazing guy with a real desire for guidance from the Lord on what to do in his life. The Kingdom of Wonder never ceases to fill me with aw. I am so grateful to be able to partake of the sacrament each week. It is a special experience for me and I am so grateful for my calling to serve the Master and his great and infinite atonement that has not only saved me from an awful hell, but also purifies me every day that I may be more like my Brother Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. 
I love you all,
Elder Lyle R. Brewer

p.s. this is my new planner!

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