Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Joy to the World

Happy Christmas Season!
  Wow I just love this time of year. I miss my loved ones dearly and I send my love over the great gulf of sea that divides us. May the Lord pour out blessings unmeasured upon you. May your Faith ever increase in His divine mercy and justice. May your love for one another grow fonder. And may your children grow up in the love and admonition of God. 
  Last Monday we had flu shots and dairy queen. Shots suck. But Ice cream is amazing. Elder Keo and I went to the doctor again on Tuesday and they checked everything. They even did and Ultrasound! Turns out he is neither pregnant nor does he have any other problems. Yet the pain persists. He decided its not worth going to the hospital anymore. We also started teaching a new family of 4 that evening. They are doing so great and have already come to church twice now! They are very poor and humble people but they have real faith. They decided to get baptized on the 28th this month! Seyha and Ming Thy are doing well too except we haven't been able to teach them this week due to them being busy. But Seyha's older sister decided to come to church and maybe start learning too! Another of our investigators, Pu Saruan, finally got permission to get married next month so now he will be getting baptized too. Dalin, the recent convert's husband, is progressing towards a baptismal date also. On top of those, this week we got 10 new investigators that all agreed to be baptized. I don't wholly understand how we are having so much success right now but undoubtedly the Lord's hand is in it. 
   I conducted and exchange with Elder Hibbert for training and we had a great time contacting dozens of people. He is a great guy and still in training. He has a lot to learn but his heart is so pure it refreshes me.
  This morning we played soccer on a real grass field and I got some fun pictures for you all! 
  The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto Christ traveling into a far country and entrusting us, unfit mortals, with certain tasks according to our several abilities. On His return the Lord will inquire of us as to how we used the time and talents He gave to us. Whether we used them to the benefit of us and others and, therefore, have an increase? Or were those gifts squandered on trivial pursuits, lack of diligence, or pride and selfishness on our part? I hope that it will be the former in my case. Let us therefore be diligent and wise and humble with our gift of time and talent that the Lord God has put into our hand. 
  I love you all so much!
-Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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