Tuesday, February 3, 2015

20 Years Old!


Well its been a good long week. I'm going to be 20 on Thursday so that is pretty exciting! Last week we got our teeth cleaned at the dentist and it felt nice. I think they said our teeth our really clean and don't need a cleaning though... oh well. We made some cement dumbbells this week so we can get really buff. We actually made them from old oatmeal cans I had saved up. We just took them out and rode past some guys doing construction and offered them $2.50 to fill the four cans up. They were super excited to help. 

We have been working with Seyha really closely lately and he's been progressing so well! He came all three hours again this week! He even asked me to do his baptism while we were in one of the lessons! He really wants to repent and be cleansed from sin. Its wonderful being able to help people do that! Our bishop called us on tuesday and asked us to go to his son's basketball game and help support. We were very pleased to do so. They played pretty well for a bunch of kids in Cambodia. The other team though had an American coach cuz they're from a private school and our bishop's son is from a public school. So we contacted their coach. He wasn't super interested but he liked talking to us. Dallin who was just baptized last Sunday told us in one of our lessons with him that he wanted to shout and scream and say "Goodbye my sins! Goodbye wide road of Satan! I will take the narrow road of God!" It was one of the happiest moments I've ever had. But on Sunday during gospel principles class he bore his testimony very powerfully and then thanked the Elders for helping him to come unto Christ. Woooo! 

So Elder Neng got transferred randomly on Wednesday morning. They called Tuesday night and said they needed him in Kompung Cham. Well I like it better with only one companion anyway.

Wednesday we did service and rummaged through garbage. That's pretty much it. See pics. We also went to translate for a group of LDS dentists doing charity dental work at our stake center for all our members and any walk ins. It was really fun to translate for them. When I showed up the first thing I see id the dentist shoveling out the root of a dead rotten tooth that this girl has. It was nasty. I don't think I'll be a dentist.
We had a meeting with the stake president and the Mission president on Saturday morning to discuss results and goals for the North Stake/Zone. As Zone leaders we have the responsibility to relay the stake goals to the missionaries. We also came up with some really good ways to help the work along. That day we went to our recent converts house and their brother in law came back with their younger brother from Battambang! So now we have another investigator back as well as a recent convert! The Lord is blessing us immensely. We also went to service at a members house and cut down eight trees. Sorry no pictures. But it was very fun! Then she fed us an entire fried fish and we started our fast. We fasted and prayed that we would get 3 new investigators before the end of next week. We got three before the end of Sunday. Peeta an old investigator whom we had lost contact with for a while came to church and we met with a lady we started teaching last week and her two sons started learning too. The power of fasting and prayer is real brothers and sisters. We got our phone stolen again this week but its doesn't bother me as much anymore. We just got a new one from the mission home. I love you all! Oh and I'm turning 20 this week! Did I mention that already? I guess I'm kinda old now. I'm forgetting things...
Love from,
Elder L. Rogers Brewer

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