Monday, February 23, 2015

Update Transfer #10 (from February 14, 2015)

Hello my beloved ones,

Wednesday was my last day in the Tuol Kok area and I will miss those people. They have been so good to me and I have had so much success there. One of the members made a big lunch with Khmer Curry and pork ribs for me and my companion. It was super yummy. My last lesson in the area was with Pech who was also my first lesson inn the area if I recall properly. Then I had an English Class Activity night at the North Stake Center and we dressed as pirates for that was the theme. We had a huge turnout of 87 people. It was very fun. We played games like "Treasure Hunt" and "Simon Says." I'll attach some pictures for your browsing. 

Hey so being Assistant is super exhausting let me tell you. Today we woke up and came into the office and President Moon just came back from Taiwan where he had a mission president's seminar with Elder L. Tom Perry. He brought us Chinese New Year candy. Yum. Then we started doing things like crazy. At first it was a bunch of little tasks and then we had a bunch of returning missionaries and their families come to the mission home and we had to accommodate them as well as a bunch of missionaries coming to the Mission home for transfer day. Then we had to rush to the Bus Stop to change the date on tickets for missionaries going to Vietnam on a different day now. Following that we picked up a ton of Burger King for all the office. Then we went to take people to the bus station and all their luggage and then we assigned bicycles and then we did training for a new trainer and orientation for his trainee and  took a bike to a missionary who forgot it here and then we came back here and now I'm writing. Well It was a long day and there were lots of little things between all those big things. I love you all so much and I know the Savior Lives and Loves you too. 

Elder L. Rogers Brewer

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