Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Up, up, and Away! (from March 7 ,2015)

Dear ones,

This week I flew.

On Monday I mapped out all the mission houses and church buildings in Cambodia on Google Maps so that the new mission president coming in July will be able to find them all. That was a tedious task. Especially because there are often no street numbers in Google Maps for Cambodia. And house numbers are non-existent. But it was fun! 

Tuesday Elder Lao and I boarded an airplane to Siem Reap. We got on at 3:30 and flew for a total of 25 minutes. It was the shortest flight ever. I didn't even get to start nodding off before they said we're making our descent. It was way cool though. Siem Reap is beautiful and the air is way cleaner. There are not so many terrible smells as there are here in Phnom Penh. It was a breath of fresh air. We flew up to assist with the Zone Conference/Mission Tour with Elder Gerrit W. Gong and learned some wonderful things. Wednesday evening after the conference we flew back on a Vietnamese propeller plane for a 38 minute flight. It was a quick trip but it was very enjoyable. The next morning we did it all again at the South Stake Center, then Friday at the North Stake Center. It was a blast. I will include some select insights from the meetings below.

-As we become like Christ, we begin to know Him better.
-Christ would love to walk where we do as missionaries, to go into the homes of these his people and bless them. That is what it means to be His representative. To do what he would do were He here to do it. Because He wants it done, we will do it. That is what it means to love the Father and the Son. Serve them.
-Your example means everything. 
-Pray so that you can change, not the other person. 
-The elect of God are waiting to be gathered.
-Have faith that Heavenly father will help you.
-Christ did not only teach us when He was on the earth, he taught us through all the holy prophets.
-Serve others in love to demonstrate the example of the savior. 
-The Lord gives us only as much as we are willing to receive.
-You can always learn more. Leave your heart open.
-"For behold" = look, this is evidence. This is pure truth. True enough that you can discover it if you will only behold.
Four Principles from Preach My Gospel
1. If you want more people to teach, you need to talk to more people. 
2. Great teachers study together to address investigator's questions.
3. Find where you teach; teach where you find.
4. Be spiritually BOLD.
Three Doctrines from Preach My Gospel
1. Light of Christ - everyone in pre-mortal life knew Jesus Christ and accepted him. This is not new or foreign. you can help them remember.
2. Father & Family - We are all part of Heavenly Father's family. We can have eternal families. The ultimate purpose is that a father, a mother, and children are happy at home.
3. Restoration - the restoration is so important that God Himself came down and introduced His Son. We restore this knowledge to them. We are working in the restoration every day in restoring them to a knowledge of what the once knew. If something is really important to you you go and do it yourself. God  Himself came and he introduced His Son. That's how important it is to Him.
-The Book of Mormon is the rod of iron as spoken of in 1 Nephi. Hold onto the rod. Even when the mists of darkness come and you don't have a clear view, you ca still hold on to the rod and trust that you will arrive at your destination.
-If ye are not one ye are not mine.
-We create heaven here. heaven starts with good relationships.

Something cool that happened recently was that the Vietnamese Government brought flowers and fruit to the church for Christmas this year. So on Lunar new Year, President Moon and Elder Gong took flowers and fruit to the Government officials. It made national news. The work is hastening. Elder Gong told a story of a worried mother in Vietnam who's son wanted to join the Mormon church. So she called the police department and asked them if it was safe, expecting them to talk about how bad it was. But the police officer replied that the Mormon church is a wonderful religion and it would be great for her son to join. The Lord is hastening His work in its time. 

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