Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 28, 2015


Last Saturday was P-day and we ordered 5 dollar pizza. It was terrible. We met with the Bishop here to discuss the work. It is really nice to have the support of the members. That night we were fed a delicious Cambodian curry and bread by the relief society president. She's a great lady! 

Sunday was a great day. I got to play the piano in sacrament meeting. I am continually reminded how I should have practiced the Hymns before my mission. It was sweet to be in sacrament meeting and partake of the emblems of the Christ Lord's atonement. How blessed we are to have such a beautiful ordinance restored through a prophet of the Lord. We had a lot of down time that day so we contacted a lot of people. One stood out in particular. His name is Long, and he is a tuk-tuk driver. As we rode by we saw him sitting beside his tuk-tuk reading a book. I stopped to talk with him and asked what he was reading. He showed me a book that reads "តើខ្ញុំជាអ្វី?" or  "what am I?" In our conversation we found that he truly wanted to find out the truth and give some direction to his life. He accepted an invitation to learn more about how he was a child of God with eternal potential, We tried to meet him over the next couple of days but he was busy. We're hoping we can meet him tonight!

Monday was everyone else's P-day. We put in Key-indicators for our mission and called the missionaries in Vietnam. I also finished correcting the translation for the Zone Leader stewardship packet in Khmer. That night we taught a former investigator who is the fiance of a recently returned missionary. Apparently he has been learning on and off for the past 5 years and then his girlfriend broke it off and went on a mission. She came back and decided that she can help him to repent and be baptized. She has been bringing him to church and that is where we saw him. I scheduled him for an appointment and he agreed. His name is Piseth. He actually lives out of our area so we had to get special permission from president Moon to teach him here because that is where his fiance lives. He told us he feels very different about the gospel than he did before. In the past he only wanted to "win" against the missionaries. But now he said he feels sincere. We're very excited! His fiance actually served in LA, California! Holla at the West Coast.

Tuesday morning my companion and I had a good long talk on how we can be better companions to each other. I have learned a lot about myself on my mission. My companion is a great help to me trying to always get me to be my best self. That day we also had District Meeting where we learned from our Awesome district leader Elder Gardiner all about how to better recognize the spirit. We had Office Staff Devo and got a good hefty list of things to do from pres. 

Wednesday I went on Exchanges with the Zone leaders here in central Zone. That is the Zone that proselytes in Vietnamese in Cambodia. It was fun because I hardly know any vietnamese so they had to translate for me the whole day. But their investigators spoke Khmer so i could teach them in khmer and then I would have to tell the other Elders what I said. Contacting was fun because being in Cambodia everyone speaks Khmer. They however only know like 5 phrases. Two of them are "Where are the Vietnamese People?" and "Its okay... thank you" hahaha. So with my khmer we found out where a bunch of them are! 

And now I'm out of time because i didn't plan well.... I love you! 
Elder Brewer

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