Friday, April 24, 2015

Mission Leadership Council - April 7, 2015

Happy Easter my loved ones!

This week was busy, but much better than last week. We started working on MLC (Mission Leadership Council) as soon as transfers were over. It was a quick switch and required a lot of thought so we stressed for a bit and then got it done. Monday morning we prepared for MLC and then had an AP planning meeting with President. He let us know what we needed to prepare for the meeting on Tuesday and we got to work. We had to assure everyone had places to stay for the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders that were coming from the provinces. I started working on a 3 month plan idea for the mission to start making some real progress forward and to start getting where we want to be. Our mission goal is for 800 baptisms by the end of 2015. We're sitting at 162 right now which is 38 shy of where we should be at this time of year. So the Assistants (with the prompting of president) created this 3 month plan to focus on specific areas of our key indicators to improve and be where we want to be at the end of June (400 baptisms) for the new mission president coming in! Monday night we also were blessed to see a member from my old ward in Tuol Kok come to the mission home and open his call to Sydney Australia! Its so exciting!! He was pumped and I was pumped. I helped him work on his mission papers while I was there so I'm so happy for him!

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