Friday, April 24, 2015

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Dear Family and loved people,

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In other news I just watched the first session of conference. Since my P-day is on Saturday I'm coming back to the office after the session to finish writing you all. I loved how much they spoke about and focused on the family. I am so excited to someday begin a family of my own with my eternal spouse. 

Last Monday a young man of the ward I'm serving in came to the mission home and we helped him finish filling out his mission papers. Then we went to Pizza Company because our investigator was buying us dinner. After some delicious pizza a nice big tropical storm kicked in. So instead of going to the church to teach him a lesson we just taught him right there in the restaurant. While the storm raged outside we found a safe haven as we discussed principles of the gospel and the spirit testified of our words.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting taught by Elder Gardiner. He's great. We then did some work with the other Elders in our area so we could be on the same page.

Wednesday we conducted exchanges in North Zone and split the area for the day with the Zone Leaders. Elder Eppley knows the area, having served there before, so he showed one of the Zone leaders around to some members houses. This was very beneficial since these Zone Leaders had just white washed the area only a week prior. I however had only gone on exchange there twice before while I was serving as Zone leader in North Zone. I had the wonderful opportunity to proselyte with Elder Ngov again, my companion back in Battambang. We had a really great time together getting lost and biking all over to find people from old records. I'm pretty sure we went through a warp in space because we somehow looped back to the same round about... Twice. We also met with a very popular Cambodian actor who has been a member since 1994! Very cool since the church has only been here since that year. All a good day except after that I was exhausted and sunburned very bad. I guess that's what happens when i'm in the office all day and only come out at night... #VampireLyfe

Friday we did another exchange in East Zone and I got to go to Kean Svay again while Elder Eppley went to Chbar Ampov. We had a great time and were able to visit our friends and the people we taught and encourage the missionaries that are serving in that area. We even had a fun mutual night that we taught at and the youth there are so great! Super solid and happy and loving of each other. Yay!

I love you all and I wish you the best. Follow the Prophets and Apostles! They won't lead you astray. I know Jesus lives and knows us each individually. Choose to believe. Choose eternal life.

With Love,
Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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