Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Daddy Lyfe - from July 6, 2015

Suasdey loved ones,

Its great to be a dad. I'm training the best kid ever! He's truly good and without guile. He forgets stuff sometimes. Like his shoes, or his planner, or his wallet, or his bag at our investigators house. Its okay though he's learning. Haha. He calls me Pa now. Its super funny and I'm not sure how I feel about it. But we are having a blast! We had another baptism this week and the other two Elders in our ward had two more so that gave us 5 confirmations in church and besides them we had 7 investigators at church not counting the other 3 from the other companionship! We're seeing the fruits of our labors harvested a lot faster than I have in any other area of my mission. These people are ready and are hoping obstacles left and right! 

We got another 5 new investigators this week and they are awesome! Two of them came to church and one of them brought a friend! Getting people to church is the most important thing we can do to help people to prepare to make the commitment of baptism. If they don't go they can't know! I have full faith in the power of prayer and fasting, this last Sunday being fast Sunday. I know that as people truly put their faith on the line and test the word of God in their lives and give their whole heart as an offering to Him then they will be blessed beyond all measure. Most importantly with a testimony of this church and our savior Jesus Christ. 

Thursday we had the great opportunity to meet our new mission president! As the Moons finished their work here and closed their chapter in Cambodia, a new giant begins his. Elder Christensen and his wife are very happy and excitable people. They told us all about themselves and how they met and what they do. He is a great fellow and I'm excited to work with him! He actually just emailed and told us that we are no longer required to wear suits in our mission due to a new policy from church headquarters. That is going to be weird. I'll probably still wear mine to church though. Its freezing in that building!

Friday was interesting. We went up a street and found a random old man who was about to smoke a cigarette and I felt prompted to ask him if he wanted to learn about Jesus. He said yes and showed us to his house. We sat and talked to him and he said that he had learned with people like us before but then they stopped coming. He must have been a former investigator. But as soon as we started teaching it started pouring buckets outside. We finished our lesson and it was still going so we waited a few more minutes but decided to go because I had a baptismal interview to conduct. So we shoved our things into our waterproof bags and took off. The roads were rivers. Literally 3 feet of water flowing down the road and we just pedaled right through it all. We were completely drenched. We got home and showered off and got dry clothes on and the rain stopped so we were able to go across the street to the church without further soaking. It was insane. Quite an experience and It was all very exhilarating. I couldn't help but laugh in giddiness having so a lovely rainstorm and getting to fly through it on bikes. 

Saturday we celebrated the fourth of July by making Pepsi pulled pork sandwiches in the pot roast. It was way divine. On the side we had mashed potatoes. Thanks mom for the recipe!! We also had to kill a few mice in the house that had been pooping on our stuff. That was exciting. We had the baptism of Duan and two others from the other Elders in our ward. It was a great experience even though the water was green (i think they pulled it from the well or something). We had a couple investigators come to watch the baptism and that's always a great step for them! It was a great spiritual experience!

I love this work and I love being here! I love you all and I know the Savior does too! Keep on keeping on!
With love,
Elder Lyle R. Brewer

p.s. no pictures cuz I forgot my Chord... sorry! 

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