Wednesday, August 5, 2015

For the beauty of the earth - from July 28, 2015

Dear Family,

Just another amazing week out here in the Kingdom of Wonder. Our young men's president and recent convert taught us a saying that he made up while he was still in school. It goes "tuk thlaa, pka kra'ob, konlaeng tracheak, mian monuh ruah nou." Which means "clear water, fresh flowers, cool place, thats where people live." Essentially it means that if a place is good, people will stay. If it is not good they will not stay. Our church is the best place and people stay because it is everything they need. This is the true gospel and people can see that by the examples of others. I have had so many new investigators and referrals from members sharing the gospel this week that I'm worried i won't remember all their names! 

We met with our investigator Sina on tuesday and she told us that she liked missionary work and asked how she could be a missionary too. That was way cool. She is preparing for baptism on the 15th of August and she has been coming to church all three hours and making friends there too! We also met sombor and taught him about tithing and fasting and he said he would keep those commandments and that he still would like to be baptized on the 8th of august! We're probably going to have to push it back though because he didn't make it to church this week. That same night we met Srey niang and comitted her to a tentative baptismal date on the 23rd of August. She said she would like to prepare for that. Then when we met her again on Friday she told us that since we met her on Tuesday she hadn't stopped thinking about baptism and asking God in prayer if she should be baptized and if this was the right road for her. Then she got a powerful spiritual confirmation that it was true and she told us that she wanted to be baptized earlier on the 16th instead! It was so cool! 

Sina also told us on Thursday that she had prayed about the Book of Mormon and as she was praying she felt very light and warm and she had a powerful feeling come over her. She knew that the Book of Mormon was true. I confirmed to her that it was the Holy Ghost testifying to her. 

Ponlok was baptized this sunday after church. It was packed and such a great experience! I had to baptize him twice because his feet came out of the water but it was still great! His girlfriend who referred him to us gave a talk about Baptism there and my recent convert Dueon gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. It was awesome!

On saturday the bishop asked me to stand up and give a talk in sacrament meeting since his other speaker was not going to make it. So on Sunday I stood up and talked about my grandparents who pioneered the way for their seed by accepting the missionaries at their door and being baptized. I told all the members that they too are pioneers for their children and their children's children. That they may have trials but if they endure all well then they will set the path for their seed and have everlasting life. It was great to get up and talk. Right afterwards the bishop asked me to conduct the final song so that everyone would kow how to sing it. Since I sing loudly and know how the Hymns go, they have been asking me to come up a lot lately. It was sorta awkward giving the final talk and then conducting the music. I felt like it was the Elder Brewer show... But no one else seemed to care so that was good.

I'm so happy to be out here and my companion Elder Saunders is doing lots better at the language and making lots of breakthroughs!! Its a great experience indeed. I love you all. I love my savior Jesus Christ! He lives. I know it by the power of the Holy Ghost. That we may meet again as brothers and sisters in Christ is my prayer. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Lyle R. Brewer


On the bike this morning

Palmer and I

Ponlok and Nita

The attendees

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