Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I'm not so tired - from August 3, 2015

Dear Loved Ones,

I got a haircut last Monday and the barber kept saying "a real gentleman" over and over again in different ways as he cut my hair. Then went to an FHE/open house of a member who moved to a different house in the same area. It was fun! We shared a lesson and then played UNO. They have weird rules. You have to shout Bingo when you put your last card down or else you don't win. That among other things made it a very different UNO than I'm used to. But fun!

Tuesday we met Sina again, she is doing great! We were able to meet another investigator who has a great desire to follow Christ (being Christian beforehand) but will not yet come to church. Following that we met with our amazing recent converts, Sarith and Srey Touch. They are doing so great. They have never missed church since I've been here and they struggle a lot with money, but they will still spend the $2.50 to ride a moto taxi to and from church every week if they don't get a ride from a neighbor. The area they live in is filled with recent converts and investigators that all help each other out and support each other in learning and following the gospel. Its such a blessing! And they are all sharing the gospel with their friends so our investigator pool keeps growing and all our recent converts turn into member helps during our lessons with their friends. So we don't get quite as many recent convert lessons simply because we're always teaching their friends when we go over there. Its a good problem to have really. Srey Niang is one of our fast progressing investigators, the one who requested to move her baptismal date closer after she prayed and found out it was true. She shared the gospel with her friend Ra and has been bringing her to church with her every week and Ra is now a progressing investigator with a baptismal date too! Srey Niang has been getting so much happier every time we go over and she knows that it is the light of the gospel. Its great to see the light spread like it has in their lives. 

Wednesday I got a way bad sore throat and stayed in all day long except at night we went to the certificate ceremony at the church for English class since I am the English class leader. It was very fun. We played some games and gave 4 certificates of completion out. Then I went home and crashed for a while again. The next day I still had a little sore throat and a cold but I went out to meet Sina and her older sister Kakada. We taught Sina about Tithing and she thought it was great and then her sister Kakada showed up halfway through so we taught a separate lesson for her. Sina brought me oranges because I was sick. Then that night we met Saruan who works for a company that sells magnetic water machines. He just plugs it into a hose and then sends the water through a filter that cleans it and adds alkaline, magnesium, potassium, and oxygenizes it among other things and finally it goes through the magnetic treatment. So I don't know much about magnetic water but he says its miracle water. So he gives free water out for everyone to try and will supply an infinite amount to anyone who comes asking and will sell a machine if they so desire. He loves helping people and he says his magnetic water will help loads of things. So he filled two of our 5 gallon jugs and we started drinking. Now at first we were skeptics but then my companions face cleared up from acne in three days of drinking and my cold went away really fast. So I'm not saying I'm converted but it is some delicious mineral water for free. 

Sombor met us on Friday and we moved his baptismal date back since he wasn't able to meet us for a little bit and also couldn't come to church. So he'll be getting baptized on the 16th with Sina and Srey Niang! It will be a great time! 

Sunday Ponlok was confirmed and he had me do it. It was a great experience as always to confer the Holy Ghost on someone. It is such a blessing to be a part of the journey that they take back to their heavenly father. We met Ra that night as well and taught a large crew of people there. Its so much fun to teach at Thol's house. 

This week we also got caught in a huge storm on Saturday evening and biked really hard to the church. We were completely soaked to the bone and the wind was picking up hard. We got the church to see that a few other missionaries had the same idea. We were all trapped there while the rain blasted and flooded the streets and the church parking lot turned into a small lake. It was fun. 

I know that my savior lives. He is my redeemer. You are all the children of our heavenly Father. Never forget that! He loves you so much and would do anything to get you back into his presence. I hope that we may all meet in his presence again. He has carved the path by his Son Jesus Christ. Only in and through His name may we be saved! Follow that lamp, follow that star, follow that light from wherever you are. May God be with you in this journey of life.

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

At the house

hair cut

Hall and I

I lost UNO and...

Magnetic water

Me and Thol

Raining a bit


Drey Niang and Duan

Srey, Niat, Srey Niang, and Duan

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