Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Happened?

I'd like to know that myself.

Good evening family and friends,

Its been quite the week for me. How about you? Last Monday we played soccer with some random Cambodian School kids. It was pretty fun. I ripped a whole through my sock with my big toe and broke my toenail at the same time so there was a little blood on the fringes of the tear. So I just switched the socks to the other foot and kept going. You can't get too picky round here. P'day is only once a week after all. 

Tuesday was happening! We had a few lessons. We met with Sina that afternoon and taught a great lesson and helped her prepare for her baptismal interview the next day. We also met with Sombor and taught him about Temple work. I love that lesson. It is one of the happiest messages of the gospel. That you can be with your family forever and ever and ever! We also met Srey Niang and prepared her for her baptismal interview on Friday as well. They are doing so well! Both of them have parents that are not accepting of their decision to follow Jesus Christ but they are still pushing forward despite their many challenges. Satan wants to have these two valuable spirits! 

Wednesday we met with Vichika, a young man who hasn't been coming to church in a while, and focused on the plan of salvation and putting God first in our lives. Then he came to church this Sunday! That was a blessing. However, Sina called and told me how displeased her family was that she wanted to join the Christians. They are threatening to kick her out of the house if she continues. 

Thursday we met with an investigator of 3 months now named Vany. He is a cool guy who is very Christian and told us this week that he wants to sacrifice all for Christ and will be preparing to do so and set a baptismal date for the future. It was also raining way hard outside. We could barely hear each other. He also bought us some grapes which were very delicious. Then we were finally able to find an investigator's house that had been only meeting us at the church for a couple months and allowed us to go teach him at his house. His name is Meng Hong. He came to church this week for the first time too! He told us that he's going to stop working on Sunday so he can come. It was rad! That night we also helped tutor a member in some English conversation because she is going to California for a month to visit a friend and wants to be able to communicate better.

Friday we met with a less active named Vutha who hasn't come in a long while and encouraged him to do the basics of Reading, Praying, and going to Church. We also met Sina again and taught her.The opposition from her family continually getting worse each day. Srey Niang continually gets happier and happier. Her opposition isn't nearly as bad since she lives by herself already. But Sina lives with her family. 

Sunday morning we had their baptism at 7 am so that during sacrament meeting at 8 am they could be confirmed and wouldn't have to wait two weeks. Next week we will all be going to meet Jeffery R. Holland at the Koh Pech building with all the other members in Cambodia so there will be no Sacrament meeting and thus no Confirmation. So we did it in the morning! It was so sweet. They both asked me to perform their baptisms and I was honored to. There was a very sweet spirit there. I thought to ponder on the words of a great hymn, "oh how lovely was the morning, radiant beams the sun above." What rapture filled our souls. And it was followed by a wonderful sacrament meeting where both Sina and Srey Niang were confirmed. I was called on by the Bishop to give a talk at the end of the meeting and I spoke on the importance of building Zion in our Wards and in our homes. 

This morning I played soccer again and was sorrowful to get a call from Sina telling us that her father took his moped back and won't let her use it anymore and mocked her further for her decision to join the Christians. Now she has no way to get to work or church and is very downtrodden. Yet her faith is unwavering in the Savior. Her testimony is real and this so is the gospel. I was brought to remember the words from a devotional given by Gordon B. Hinckly. He told of a young boy who was forsaken of his family for joining the Mormon church and he asked the boy if he feels it is worth it. The boy simply asked in reply: "its true, isn't it?" Gordon B. Hinckly replied that it was and the boy siad: "well then, what else matters?" Poignant words. They sink deep into my soul and stir within it an aching for this boy, Sina, and all others who must sacrifice family, friends, and home for the gospel of Jesus Christ. But its true. And so Nothing Else Matters

I know that the gospel is true. Jesus is our Lord and Redeemer. God is our loving Heavenly Father. Joseph Smith restored the true church again on the earth and brought with it the Book of Mormon, the Priesthood authority of God, and revelation upon revelation. I know it with all my heart. May the words of Jesus Christ lift you to greater heights above this veil of sorrow: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27
In His Holy name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

P.s. Well what happened was that I'm getting transferred to Prey Cho. I'm really sad about leaving my most favorite area ever. I'm going to miss all the amazing people I was blessed to teach and help to be baptized. I'm sad to miss out on the baptisms of the other amazing investigators which I will be leaving behind. This area has become home to me. I could easily say I would rather stay here till the end of my mission. But I'm needed elsewhere I suppose. So to my home away from home, I bid adieu. 

Sina and Srey Niang

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