Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kampong Jamming

Dear Family,

I'm here in Kampong Jam and it is the most beautiful Jungle I've been in. I really love it here. I'm Serving in two areas right now. One is the main branch and the other is a satellite group about 45 minutes away in a car. Its called Prey Cho. The standing jungle. Life is simple in the standing jungle. Although Christianity is scarce and believers are even scarcer, the work here is unfolding and hastening as the Lord has promised. The Gospel shall sound in every ear and every man shall hear the message in his own tongue. Its quite a miracle to see the people here in their humble circumstances still progressing as to their faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His atonement. I love to be in the service of the Lord. This week I was able to get to know a lot of good people and visit with recent converts and part member families to help them see the happiness that the gospel can bring them. Serving in these two areas is a challenge since we have to ride a car back and forth 3 times a week. We can't give our fullest effort to either area since we are split up but with an influx of new missionaries coming at the end of this transfer we are expecting a split and normalcy that will make it so we can have one companionship per area. I have already fallen in love with the people in these areas. My companion Elder Medley and I are doing some real work.So since we ride back and forth so much we just kind of stand out on the street and lift our hands when taxi-vans come by. There are always vans driving by picking up people to go anywhere along that road. It would be way sketchy in America but we're in Cambodia and the rules don't apply the same here. We just climb on and tell them where we're going and then we tell them the normal price we pay (5000 rial or $1.25) and then sometimes haggle a bit since they always want more. But the ride is over in about 45 minutes and then sometimes we gotta come back that night too. That means trying to catch a car in the dark and there aren't so many so sometimes we wait a long while...

So this week for Sunday we rode to church in Kampong Cham and I was asked before church to give a talk. Then We rode home and I made lunch before we got on a car to Prey Cho to have church there. I and my companion both gave talks there, I played the piano, and I also blessed the sacrament. The priesthood there is lacking. It was just 27 people at that little building in Prey Cho and maybe 7 or 8 were male. Only male adults including me and my companion, the branch president and the group leader. So we have to figure out how to help the men here have faith. It will be a fun challenge! 

I know that this church is true! The Lord is the leader and He has restored His church in this day. We have a living prophet. We have more of the word of God. We have Temples and Eternal families. Its true and I have discovered it for myself time and time again. I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and loves me and you.

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

A way sick investigator

Car rides

Cool members

Cool pagoda

Holland and I

In the car

Jungle lyfe

On the road

Trying to catch a car in the dark


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