Thursday, September 24, 2015

Change Comes Around (September 7, 2015)


I'm getting a new companion this week. As a matter of fact its a new trainee from America. I'm training again! That means I will have had 4 kids for my last 4 transfers. That's pretty neat! I love training so much! But it means most of the work load falls on me for the first couple weeks while they adjust. But its cool I can handle it with the Lord! With that said I will inform you that I'm also staying in BOTH areas for the foreseeable future (which to me means till the day I leave this country). I'll have to train my kid well that way he can lead out both the areas when I die! ស្លាប់ ងាប់ ក្ស័យ។​ ជិតដល់ហើយ! ​ 

Its been a great week for sure. I have had my testimony strengthened every day! Last Monday we played soccer an I ripped up my heel so I had to wear mole skin everyday so that my shoe wouldn't eat it. But it was pretty fun! Then we met with a great investigator that night named Piseth. He is a great kid with a great desire to learn even though he hasn't been able to make it out to church yet. We have member who was baptized only 3 months ago who calls us all the time telling us he wants us to come teach his family and then we ride to different houses of different members of his family and teach them all. Its way cool! He doesn't really introduce the gospel to them though so we have to go in there and some of them don't even want to learn yet haha. Its funny because we go in expecting to have a good lesson with a willing new investigator and all they know is that we've come to get them to join the Christian church. Thats always interesting. So Tuesday we went over to that member's house, his name is Dy, and we taught his sister Mome. On the bike ride over there (as soon as we left the house) it started dumping buckets on us. And this house is one of the furthest away from ours in the area. But we rode through it despite the rain and we thought that great was the task which we were embarking on and that we and she would be blessed because of it. We sat down and were completely soaking throughout the entire lesson. She was not interested at first and not really open to what we were saying but sat and talked so that she could appease her brother-in-law Dy. We decided to share the message that Jeffery R. Holland shared here. As we taught she got more and more into and actually started smiling! When I finished I asked her if there were any of those point that she wanted and she said yes, I want my family to be happy like yours and live forever. She accepted the challenge to pray and even was asking questions making sure she was praying correctly! She had a real change of heart during that lesson and it was all because of the spirit and the words of an Apostle. How cool that we could have that experience? And we would have deprived ourselves of it had we gone back and thrown in the towel because a bit of a rain storm. Diligence brothers and sisters. It brings great joy.

We then met a couple recent converts at the church afterward and they were happy to see us and had many unanswered questions about doctrine of the plan of salvation that I tried to help define. They are very inquisitive and are still doubtful about some things but their faith in the basics is sure and so they aren't running away. I feel like I'm in this area for them if for no other reason (which there are many of I'm sure) but I'm also here to help establish the doctrine of Christ and his plan of salvation, among other things, in this far away jungle land. 

We spent Friday through Sunday in the Standing Jungle and taught some part member families. The daughter of a recent convert began learning with us last week and is just wonderful. She is about 10 years old and she loves to read the Book of Mormon and ask questions! Last week when her mom was sick she still rode her bike to church by herself! Well it would have been by herself if Elder Medley and I hadn't rode by her house at the same time as she was leaving. Then this week She got up and bore her testimony in fast and testimony meeting! And she is not even a member! She told us all how she knew that there was a god and that the book of Mormon is true. What a great simple testimony she has. Its all you need to begin! We also met few other less actives and recent converts out there and they are always thrilled to see missionaries. 

Sunday we had a decent turn out in Prey Cho, about 21 members. But because we had fast and testimony meeting there instead of Kampong Cham like normal, everyone had the opportunity to get up and bear their testimony! It was way fun to see them all share and strengthen each other. 

Life is good. The church is true. God lives! Jesus Christ rose again the third day and dwells in yonder heavens! If there is one thing that is hard for Cambodians to understand about the gospel it is that we have a living God who loves us. They believe their God is dead. Well my God lives. He is my Heavenly Father. I love Him with all my soul and I know He loves me. He has come to earth to restore His church in these final days! He has given us prophets and priesthood. He has given us more of His word through the Book of Mormon and modern day revelation. he has given us Temples that we may be with our loved ones and our kindred dead in the next life. He has provided a way that all may be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel of His son Jesus Christ. That's too fantastic to have been the product of a man's thoughts. If it could possibly be imagined by man than I would suspect that it was. But it's too amazing to have been made up. Its true. I know it because God has revealed it to me many times. He will reveal it to all who ask in sincerity of heart, with real intent, and in the name of His son. 

I know it.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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