Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Son! (September 14, 2015)

Hello my brothers and sisters,

This week was a stellar one. Last Sunday I was called and asked to train again! So Monday I bought a lot of food for the new kid. We also went roller skating at a member's skate rink and then went and played soccer again. I love playing soccer! Tuesday Elder Medley and I were with Elder Slavens as well since his companion left to the city early to be transferred and trained as Zone leader. There was a member we visited that day who told us she had dreams of her ancestors coming to visit her and asking her to do their temple work. How incredible is that? I was struck by the spirit. 

 On Wednesday we got to go and finish a baptismal record for a  new member that wasn't done properly by the previous Elders over in Elder Slaven's area. So we rode way out into Narnia before we got there. His house is at the bottom of a slope. So when we rolled up we looked down we saw a cigarette in his mouth. He quickly tossed it when we walked down the slope. We filled out the paperwork and then started biking away when we realized we still hadn't had him sign it yet! So we rode back and he's already got another cigarette in his mouth looking for his lighter! So he hid it again, we got the signature and then as he was signing it Elder Slavens took his lighter and hid it in the rafters of the the house. Elder Slavens then said to me: "I'll teach a lesson next time all about the dangers of smoking." It was way funny. Then we went over to a member's house in Slaven's area and they fed us yummy food!! Then we caught a bus to the city with the other missionaries and when we got there it was raining. We had the tuk tuk driver take us to Burger King first and then to the mission home. I love Burger King now. We had a meeting for the District leaders in the Provinces and then we went to the Chatomok Elder's House to stay the night. On Thursday morning we went to the mission Home again and had a train the trainers meeting. Following that they gave us a sign that said the name of our new trainee. I got Elder Smith! He's from Eagle Idaho! We waited at the Olympic stadium entrance for the trainees to show up from the airport and when they rolled up we were standing there with the signs! I thought it was pretty cool. Then we ate and contacted before we got picked up by the AP's in the Van and went to the Mission Home for their interviews with President. Edler SMith is way good at the Language. I think he's going to be one of the best ones in the future. I imagine he'll even pass me up! We caught the 2 O'clock bus to Kampong Jam and on the way we got to know each other and we started planning our lessons for the night. Elder Smith is way chill and super desirous to learn and grow. He played soccer so he's going to teach me how to be better today!! When we got to the house we piled our stuff in the room and then went out to teach some investigators. We were able to meet with Bong Thet and a new family! It was a great first night!

Friday morning we took a taxi van over to Prey Cho and after studies we went out and taught 7 lessons. It was a stellar day too! The next morning on Saturday we had to go back to the city for Zone training in the morning and then District Conference in the afternoon. Mission President Christensen was there and had called ahead of time to ask me to be his translator for the weekend. It was way fun! We followed president in all his interviews and all his meetings and translated everything. It was exhausting and so much fun. Sunday I was also asked to play the Piano for the youth choir since the Sister missionary who was supposed to be playing had to go to the city with a strange rash bothering her. But it was fun to play even though I had no practice time! 

I know that this church is true Brothers and Sisters. The book of Mormon is true and is the Keystone of our religion! If one reads the Book of Mormon and asks God then they will get an answer that it is true! And then we all need to continue to read it every day so that we can keep that spirit with us always and consistently strengthen our testimonies in the Lord Jesus Christ and His restored church. I love you all! I love this church! 

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

At the bus station

broken bike probs

I found a kitty


It's adorable

and she fell asleep

It's we!

Marvelin at the rice

New comp!

On the bikes in Prey CHo

Still broken

The card

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