Monday, December 1, 2014

Love it.

Good Day my beloved ones,
  What a week it was. Lots to report! Firstly, Mony learned the plan of Salvation and the Doctine of Christ and committed to be baptized on the 27th of December. He also came to church for sacrament meeting and had a great experience! He told us in one of the lessons that he feels like this is the right path, that there is so much good coming from our teachings that he wants to follow through and be baptized. Wow!! It was an amazing experience indeed! He actually reads the Book of Mormon and prays every day and keeps commitments! The spirit of the Lord truly is working on him to guide him to the truth. 
  Secondly, on Tuesday morning we contacted a guy on the street who turned out to be of the Islamic religion. He said he would like us to come over and talk with him. He also told me that he wanted me to be open  to new ideasand not just come to fight over religion. He said we are all looking for the road to heaven and we don't want to be on the wrong road and leading others there too. I think he's hoping to convert me and my companion to Islam. 
  Third off, we went to the doctor twice this week to check what was wrong with Elder Keo, he's got a pain in his abdomen. Apparently he has an ameoba which we found out, after taking all the medicine, was unrelated to the abdomen pain. So this week we're looking forward to some more visits to the Doctor. Yay! 
  Seyha and Ming Thy are progressing so well! I can see them being strong active members in not only the church, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ also. Seyha, after one of our lessons, said he realized that going to church was not just something youcan do. But something you must do. He was under the impression before that it was enough just to pray and he'd be good. They both came to church for all three hours this week and had an amazing experience with all the wonderful lessons taught in class and in sacrament meeting. 
  This week Elder Keo and I contacted 110 people. We also got 1 new investigator out of all those. Yay!
  On Thanksgiving we were invited to President Moon's house to have a delicious Thanksgiving lunch! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and even rolls! It was a wonderful meal and made me very happy. (Sister Moon's mashed potatoes aren't half as good as yours mom). Shh don't tell her I said that! 
  Friday we helped one of the recent converts in the area overcome a very difficulty time. He finally opened up to us and shared all his issues and how he wants to get released from his calling and doesn't feel worthy any more and etc. etc. But Elder Keo and I simply listened until he had said all and then shared some encouraging words and scriptures with the guidance of the spirit and by the end he was happy and laughing again. He texted us yesterday and told us how grateful he was for our help to make him happy again and want to endure. That was a special experience. 
  Saturday we had the baptism of Srey Na, the sister of the two baptized last week, she was so happy to be baptized! I love seeing people enter into their first covenant with God. Below are some pictures! 
  I want you all to know that I love this work and I can see a huge change in myself over the past year in the service of the Lord. He is purifying me as I give my desires, time, and efforts over to him. I love my savior. Oh how I love Him. I am so blessed to have a testimony of Him, that He lives, that He loves me, that He atoned for me. I have prayed and fasted and studied to know these things for myself. And they have been made known unto me by the power of the Holy Ghost. I cannot deny nor turn away from the Love the Lord has given me. He lives. In His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder L. Rogers Brewer

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