Tuesday, January 20, 2015

14 Months Out

Dearest ones,
  Its me, Lyle. I'm sorry this will be short. I got preoccupied reading and replying to other emails today and now its time to eat rice. This week the service center released the newly translated Khmer Hymns book so I took it with me everywhere and sung hymns in almost all our lessons this week. I love singing. Maybe when I finish I'll record all the hymns and release a CD here so they can all learn the Hymns and how to sing them. Right now no one knows more than the 30 hymns that were translated 20 years ago. We also met 15 less active members this week and 3 of them actually called out to us while we were riding past them and told us they wanted to start going to church again. It was truly a miracle week! On Wednesday the AP came on exchange with us and we split up 2 and two since we have 3 in our companionship already. We pulled 11 lessons that day. Its was way awesome! We had a good turn out of less actives at church this week but our investigators were only 2. 
  I'm working hard trying to prepare the world for the second coming of the Savior when he shall come down in all his glory and majesty and all the world will be consumed. I pray that we will all prepare for it so we can stand in that day and be caught up to meet him in the clouds. I love you!
Elder L. Rogers Brewer

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