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Lyfestyle - April 18, 2015


Its been an empty week everyone. By that I mean that it was Khmer New year and the city turned into the set of "I Am Legend" for three days while everyone went to their homeland. Elder Eppley and I had to ward off Zombies while all the missionaries got flat tires and there was no one out to fix them. Indeed an adventure worth re-telling in great detail at a later time. 

Conference was inspiring and indicative of a need to prepare myself for an eternal spouse and an eternal family. I loved so many things about conference. In the first session I learned that Its important to be converted to the law of the fast. It is a way that God has given us to administer to the needy and receive blessings. I loved the two essential ingredients to a successful marriage, a cookie and a kiss. Complete your companion, don't compete. Do not surrender to the cares of the World. Life is meant to be a challenge, its a test! Prepare your heart to bring forth in plenty like the good soil. After the trial you have a choice. You can continue to mope or you can get moving in the right direction towards the light. Desire to believe, choose to believe. Actions are evidence of belief and the substance of faith. The family is the basic unity of society.

Saturday afternoon session taught me to be not afraid, only believe. Godly fear is the beginning of wisdom. Marriage is more than just two of you. It is a divine relationship with the Lord as well. The family comes first. That is essential. I loved what Elder Anderson said about hearing the music of the gospel and doing the dance along with it. A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying. "Twas I, but tis not I." If we don't try we're latter day sinners. If we don't persevere we're latter day quitters. If we don't let others try we're latter day hypocrites. Do not focus on titles. Focus on serving others. The family is the real thing, the eternal thing.

In the Priesthood session I learned that I have to continue to have a missionary life after I return home. I learned to remain humble in successes and stand firm and courageous in living the commandments. If you focus on the silver you will only see yourself. Seek not for the things of this world but seek for the kingdom of righteousness. Prepare to be a worthy and righteous father. Do not hide behind artificial discipleship. We do not need many words or long prayers, we need to speak to the Lord often and sincerely. Human judgement and good intentions will not be enough. Thomas S. Monson tells us to reflect on our responsibilities and consider our duty. Take your callings and duties seriously. Let virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly. 

Sunday Morning was exciting with the new temple announcement in Thailand. That means it will be very easy for members to get to the temple in the future. I loved what President Monson said about the blessings of a temple marriage bring eternal peace. Christ does not leave you when you have questions. Build your foundation on the rock of the redeemer and His gospel. Tribulations enrich our understanding of why we're here and why we need Jesus Christ.Come unto Christ today! Do not take for granted the many wonders around you. Especially the wonders of the gospel. We are all prodigal children of our Heavenly Father. We are all here in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things. Understanding God's grace causes us to love much and obey.

Sunday Afternoon. Wherever you are it is not to late to make the change and repent. Everyone is subject to temptation. Average is the enemy to excellence. The commandments are taught after the plan of salvation. After you understand what something is it becomes desirable. If everything is going perfectly for you now, just wait.  Exaltation is within our reach. The sabbath of the Lord is a delight for each of us if we will delight ourselves in the Lord. 

On Sunday Morning I woke up with a red itchy spot on my chest and assumed it was a mosquito bite but then it spread like a rash by the end of the night. Sister Moon looked at it and said I might have scabies. The area doctor confirmed that and she gave me medicine the next day that I had to rub over my entire body to kill the little buggers. I got better but man it was itchy. We had like three other missionaries across the mission that got it at the same time as me. Super odd.

On Wednesday we gathered together and watched Meet The Mormons for the first time. It was a fun one to see! We also deep cleaned our house that morning. That was a lot more fun than you would think. Below I will include my letter to president.

Dear President,

Its been a great week. I have felt very productive lately and feel like I've been blessed because of that. I have felt the spirit often and feel that He is guiding and protecting me and my companion. I had been feeling weird about the Province trip for a while and finally felt to tell you and realized that it was a prompting from the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father has His plans and He wants us to do things a certain way. Sometimes He even micromanages the affairs of His kingdom. I saw that with the province trip prompting and I saw that yesterday when I prayed to get to the Bus station on time when we left only 5 minutes before the Bus planned to leave. We prayed as we left and then the Lord made every light green and every car got out of our way and we got there in the nick of time. It was a true blessing to see the Lord's hand in my life. 

Piseth is excited to get baptized and He and Amina have been waiting so long for this. I feel so privileged that the Lord allowed me to be a part of his conversion. There were many great Elders that came before me that also taught Piseth with the spirit. But maybe Elder Eppley and I were meant to meet him at this time and help him to reach baptism. Maybe our experiences and personalities were just what he needed. I'm grateful to be serving where the Lord wants me. 
I love to be in the service of the Lord and I love you all so much!! 
Elder Lyle R. Brewer
PS This last pic is of the new Sony brick. Exclusive to Cambodia

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