Saturday, April 25, 2015

Though We May Be Weak

Dear family and loved ones,

It has been a wonderful week. Very eventful indeed! On Monday morning we assisted with the moving of two Elders who are switching areas for an early transfer. President and the Lord found that the current status in the new area was not progressing so saw fit to instigate a change. So Elder Eppley and I with Elder Quirante (my old comp) drove to Prey Veng that morning and switched out an Elder for the other. It was a 3 hour round trip and we got to cross the brand new Neak Luang bridge. It's super big!

We also got to go do exchanges in Kampong Cham and help train and assist the Elders over there. It was a fun and enlightening experience. On the 3 hour car drive over there our tire blew out so we had to change it. That was pretty funny.. I was able to exchange one of the days with Elder Palmer, a newbie fresh out 3 weeks ago. He is doing so well and he gave me a ton of energy and helped me to seek the Lord's help more often throughout the day. We would stop and pray every once in a while for guidance on where to go and the Lord showed the way! In recognizing your weaknesses you may more fully depend on the Lord! It was a good week loved ones! 

I know that this church is true. The Lord is the captain and He is at the helm. He will guide you if you seek His assistance and look to Him in every thought, doubt not fear not. Love your neighbor and respect his agency. The Lord respects it and so should you! You cannot change anyone but yourself, you can only offer and invite them to make their own changes. Rid yourself of the notion of enlightenment and you will be much happier. Take everything as a wonderful gift from God and be grateful. I know Christ lives. In the name of my Redeemer, even Jesus Christ, Amen.  

Elder Lyle Rogers Brewer

p.s. The pics are of the baptism with Piseth and his fiance. A note some sister missionaries left for us on P-day. My comp and I changing the tire. Elder Nov (one of the exchanges I did). Some puppies. And a turned over truck we saw on the road.

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