Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Lyfe

Dear Family and loved ones, 

Its been a long week here. We have been busy with all kinds of things. So much so that I barely had any time to proselyte due to duties of the Assistant. But it was a very successful week despite all that.

We began last Sunday with me waking up feeling sick. I got up and thought about making an egg but I felt like I would throw up and so I rested on the bed until about half an hour before church started. I didn't feel any better but I couldn't miss renewing my covenants for anything. Especially when Piseth was being confirmed in that sacrament meeting. So we went anyway despite my kind companion's pleadings that I get my rest. On the drive there I was sick again.Then I was sick at church a bit more before sacrament meeting. I wasn't feeling good but we confirmed Piseth and were served the bread and water and as soon as I took the water I stood up and put my hand on companion's shoulder briefly before booking out of the meeting to be sick again. We left the meeting and saw Sister Moon going into the soon-to-start East District Conference. She told me I probably got food poisoning from something I ate. I don't know what though.... I got to see some of my recent converts again from Kean Svay and they took care of me giving me some menthol oil to smell and put on my temples. it actually helped my stomach to settle! I felt good enough to make it the ride home and promptly collapse on my bed. Elder Eppley was a champ and totally took care of me the entire day. He put essential oils peppermint on my hands and head and feet to make me feel better. It was very nice. I drank black currant juice, water, and chicken bullion all day and was given a blessing by the office Elders and My comp. I recovered after the whole day in bed and was able to plan for Monday. 

Monday I felt better only slight after effects. Being sick is awful. But this life is the time to prepare to meet God. If it so be He gives me a trial to make me stronger or wiser or more dependent upon Him then I will take it with joy. Why bother moping about it. I mean I was already sick, why make it worse by having a bad attitude about it? I choose my own happiness and so do you! Man I love agency. All day Monday we were preparing for Mission Leader Council. The missionaries from the Provinces came early that day due to doctor's visits. We had to go purchase bus tickets for their return trip as well. 

Tuesday was MLC and we had some great discussions and lessons taught. President Moon is an inspired man. He carries a heavy mantle, but he will be finishing soon this coming July! Its very strange to think about that. We've been setting some aggressive goals lately and discussing ways to achieve said goals. Planning nightly and weekly are so vital to achieving your goals. If you don't have a good specific plan then you simply are planning to fail. You will never achieve your goals if you don't follow that goal setting with well thought out plans. We talked a lot about Zion and the At-One-Ment, how it means we need to be one with each other and one with Christ and God. President asked us to consider if we were placed in a Zion society right now, would we benefit it or would our habits and mindset quickly tear the society apart? We need to learn how to live in unity and love in a Zion society here on earth because we are trying to prepare for that life-style in heaven. If we don't learn it here we will have a hard time when we go to the next life! The Celestial world is Zion. The more forgiving, kind, loving, caring, patient, meek, temperate, and charitable we are to our fellow men, the more ready we will be to dwell with God in the eternal realms above. You reap what you sow. Sow Christ-like attributes and you reap Celestial glory. Sow worldly attributes and you reap nothing but the world. 

Thursday was fun because we had to move the sisters from their house to a new one because the lease ran out. It was a lot of work and it took all day. Did I mention that their new place was on the 5th floor? The stairs were also only about 2 feet wide. That was a really fun leg work out. Still a little sore haha. But we ate Sweonson's Ice Cream after lunch so that was a bonus.

Yesterday we talked with President about Transfers and he asked for some opinions and discussed the welfare of the missionaries and who would do well in which area and with which companion. Then we drove the sisters to their new place (because they were staying at another house while we moved all their stuff) and they were complaining the entirety of the 7 flights of stairs. Then they saw the place and they were ecstatic because its gorgeous and has an amazing view. We gave a blessing on the house and then took off.  

Today is Elder Gardiner's Birthday! He's the only other Elder from my group besides my companion and he's also serving in the same Ward as us. We're going to Brooklyn Pizza Bistro today for lunch. I'm pumped. I love all of you very much and I'm excited to talk to my Mommy on Mother's Day coming up!

Jesus is the Christ. He lives. He is the only begotten son of our Heavenly Father. We are the children of God and if we live our lives the way He has shown us then we will be able to become like him. I think of it as playing a game. You can go through it and do a bunch of random stuff and even complete the game. However, you will not have achieved your full potential in the game simply because you don't know the game designer's mind. However, you can read the gamer's manual and find out exactly what you're supposed to do and how to do it. Then you can achieve your full potential, knowing exactly what your full potential is! Heavenly Father has given us a 'Game Guide' if you will. It is the scriptures, the words of the prophets living and past. He has shown us the way to live our lives to reach our full potential. He has told us what our full potential is too! To be God's! Heirs to the kingdom and joint heirs with Christ! Why settle for less? Why live a life of mediocrity? Live to achieve your potential. Live the life the Christ has shown, for there is no other way nor means whereby man may achieve his divine potential, only in and through the Lord Christ Omnipotent and His Atonement. In the name of Christ the Lord, amen.

-Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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