Friday, June 5, 2015

Mother's Day - from May 16, 2015

Dear Family and loved ones, 

Its been a good week. Sunday was testimony meeting since week before was a stake conference. I got up and bore my testimony about my mother. She truly is amazing. I love my mommy and all she does for me. She has helped me to become who I am today. We meet with an investigator named Bolo on Sunday. He is so excited and anxious to learn with us! I love it. 

On Monday I got to Skype my family and it was way fun! I missed them all so much! I still do. But I'll see them all again soon! We got to meet with our recent convert Piseth that night as well. He shared with us some of the things he has been reading and he really understands quite a bit! He's doing really well! Last week he received the Aaronic Priesthood and this week he's going to stand and give a talk about the priesthood. He shared some of it with us last night as well so that we could help him. But he's go it no worries. 

Tuesday we had a good District meeting and Office staff devotional. We were able to meet Bolo again and commit him to baptism on the 14th of June. He is way cool because every time anyone walks into the room he is always inviting them to sit down and learn with us too! His girlfriend sat down and participated with the lesson as well. 

Wednesday we met with a woman referred to us by the sisters in another area. Her name is Borany. She's way interested in learning about Christ. She said she has a friend in America that kept encouraging her to learn. I still don't know who he is but she really enjoys learning and has been keeping commitments and even accepted to be baptized on the 14th of June

Thursday we made a whole lot of Contacts. My companion Elder Eppley told this story well so I'm taking an excerpt from his weekly: "On one occasion this week, Elder Brewer and I were biking around trying to find some new possible investigators.  Rejection after rejection seemed to be plaguing our evening, so we stopped, took off our helmets, and sincerely asked for guidance that we might find someone ready, able, and willing to learn of God and commit to Him.  Well, we finished the prayer, went down the next road and found some people sitting on a bench.  The man there had learned of Christ before, and he told us he wanted to go back to church and learn more of his Savior!  So we invited him to church and set up a return appointment as well!  After our conversation, we biked around a corner, stopped, said a prayer of gratitude, and we asked for one more opportunity before we had to take off to our next appointment.  We went down the road and met a man cleaning off his Toyota Camry.  Pretty young guy for having his own car here.  He wasn't really interested at all at first, but after talking with him, something sparked inside of him.  We were able to arrange for another meeting with him as well!  So Heavenly Father listens if you'll only sincerely talk to Him."

God loves us and knows our desires and needs. He stands ready to assist us in all our righteous actions. He is preparing people for the gospel every day! So go and pray for an opportunity to share the gospel and then get out there and share it! God will help you and He will show you who is ready. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Me times 8

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