Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Crossed the River

Dear Family of mine,
I've crossed the river. That is what the Khmer people say happens when you give birth. I have a new trainee!! Trainees are called Kids here and trainers are called Dads. That's just mission lingo though. He's doing great! His Khmer is still lacking but he'll pick it up quick because he's a fast leaner and has great desires. I'm a dad! Speaking of which I wish the best Father's Day to my beloved Dad. The best man there ever was. The greatest example of righteousness in my life. 
This week we taught a whole lot of investigators. Like a whole lot. We were also way blessed with 9 more new investigators. We've been teaching all 15 of our investigators with baptismal dates and doing all we can to invite them unto Christ and strengthen their faith in him so that they can be repent and be baptized by proper authority and be blessed with the Holy Ghost in their lives. Enduring to the end when we shall all meet in the kingdom of heaven. Sarith and srey touc were interviewed for baptism after church and they are going to need to interview with president moon also this week. We are hoping they will be baptized on the 28th as planned and will be super solid members! Duan is awesome and is preparing for baptism on the 4th of July. Yay for independence from the grasp of satan!!
Friday I bid goodbye to Elder Osborne and we will miss him much. We also said hello to Elder Saunders! He is my new trainee! We had some training and then I took him out to Dairy Queen for a cone just like my father did when I got to the country. We grabbed his stuff and piled it onto the tuk-tuk and rode into Stung Mean Chey. I helped him carry his stuff up and then when we got in the room I knelt down. Didn't even let him unpack. I showed him the area book and what we'd be doing for the day and what parts of the lesson he would teach. Then we went and met the sisters at the church that were new to the area so we could give them their area book and other information. Then we left and taught a lesson to an investigator. Following that lesson it started raining and our 7 o'clock appointment called us and asked us to come and teach now. Which was 5:30. So we went over there but on the way got a little lost in the rain... But Elder Saunders was a good sport about it. We taught that lesson and then went and taught two more lessons before retiring for the night. it was an excellent day and my companion was dead tired.
It is great to be out here in the work of the Lord. He is guiding this work. He is the captain of our ship! Let us all press on in His work and give him glory! I am on my way to Zion! I'm on my way to Zion! I am on my way to Zion, the new Jerusalem! We'll shout and give him glory! We'll shout and give him glory! We'll shout and give him glory, for Glory is his name! Oh how I love my Savior! Oh how I love my Savior! Oh how I love my Savior, my savior Christ the Lord!
-Elder Lyle Rogers Brewer

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