Monday, June 15, 2015

Something to be excited about


It was the best of weeks my friends. Last Monday we scored a bunch of way rad ties at the Japanese recycle shop. we also hit a three lesson P-day. Elder Osborne and I set a goal this week to get 30 total lessons. So we started pushing with our backs on the grindstone and giving even more than we got. We contacted up a storm in Stung Mean Chey. We filled every dull moment with a prayer so the Lord could guide us where to go and who to talk to and He did just that. WE found 10 new investigators with our efforts and got 14 lessons taught to investigators with a member present and a total of 33 lessons on the week. We tried our best to listen to every prompting and go for it. We were not disappointed. We depended on that spirit to help us in teaching lessons as well so that those we taught could feel it testifying to them. It was very fulfilling!

I taught District meeting on Tuesday just reviewing Zone conference topics and additional training as inspiration provided. We were given a referral that day as we went over to visit a member. We didn't see anyone there but felt to wait. As we planned our next move the Lord moved the next piece into place. The member arrived home and told us she has a friend she wants us to teach! We go into her house with her husband and kids and she goes and grabs her friend so we can teach the first discussion. Then she took her to church with her family on her moto this week too!! She's a stellar member! This whole ward is full of stellar people! True disciples of Christ. 

Contacting brought us to a wonderful lady's house this week whom we scheduled a return appointment with on Thursday. We went over there and met her whole family and shared a wonderful message on prayer. They were very receptive and invited us back again! We then went and met another person we contacted and taught them at the roadside. We;ll be meeting themtonight again! 

One of the recent converts that we visit gave us a referral of his wife's younger sister. She is a way happy girl who was scared to talk to us at first but she has opened up after the second visit this week and committed to baptism! 

Another great miracle that happened this week was the parents of a recent convert who was baptized a month ago. They have been learning the same amount of time as their daughter but have had a hard time getting to church. Lately, however, they have made it three weeks in a row! They don't have anything to ride to get to church because the father had to sell his moto to pay off a debt so they are very poor lately. But they paid the price of a moto taxi to come to church for the last 3 weeks!! They called us yesterday before church and told us they weren't going to make it and then they randomly showed up right before the sacrament while we were still singing the hymn!! It was a miracle. They are exercising their faith and I pray for them daily to receive the blessings that God has promised to those who keep his commandments. 

We got a new investigator from English Class this week named Somnang (that means luck!). He came and met us at the church. He is a very timid man who has a great spirit and recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ right from the start. He committed to baptism after a great first lesson on Saturday and then came to church the next day!! He is stellar!

One day while we rode to the church to see if we could grab some member help I prayed that there would be someone waiting for us at the church. There was. But not a member help. It was these two young men that wandered in out of curiosity. We offered them a tour of the church which they gladly accepted and then we taught them a lesson on prayer. They were very intrigued and I could see that they felt the spirit. They accepted a return appointment.

Maybe one more story this week. Elder Osborne and I went contacting and as we embarked I prayed that we would know which road to turn and that I would have the courage to open my mouth. I felt prompted to turn down a dead end road. We went down a bit and all were inside. We passed a house with the door open and I felt to go in. We stopped and got off our bikes and walked up to the door and told them we were missionaries teaching about the gospel of happiness. She invited us in and we sat and talked a little bit more and she said we could come back! So we did yesterday and she was not willing to throw away Cambodian tradition until she understands more fully. She didn't let us pray with her that day but she promised to meet again and read the pamphlet we gave her. 

I got a call last night before normal transfer calls. It was from President Moon. He asked me to train one of the new missionaries coming in this next week! This will be my first time training a new missionary and I am so excited to have such an opportunity for personal growth and to help him get started on the right foot. 

As you can tell, this whole week was very exciting and so every other week will be if I continue to do what I\m doing. Depend on the Lord. Trust in him in all things. Be your very best self and then tomorrow be better. If you can't find something to improve, look harder. You can always repent and grow and learn how to be more Christ-like and more kind and more loving. Through His Grace and through our covenant keeping, we will overcome the world and be crowned with eternal glory in the celestial realms above. Don't forget why you're here. I ask myself that question every day. Why am I here? Why am I a missionary? Because I love these souls and want to remind them of their divine nature. I want to access that light of Christ that is in them. That knowledge deep inside that they learned in a former life. 
I am a child of God.
And so are you. 
You can start now to get your life back on the straight and narrow that God has provided and proved. Every day can be a new beginning. You got only one life to get back to Heavenly Father so live it right.
I love you all. I know that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. Let us rely on His atonement, His grace, and His mercy, while we work through this life to repent and prepare to meet God again. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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